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Jet skiing

Jet skiing is the coolest water sport since surfing!

Our Gold Coast water playground, the ocean, Broadwater and waterways, is the best jet ski playground in the world, but let's not forget Gold Coast jet ski etiquette fun but fair.

Consider the needs of everyone

Complaints about noise from jet skis are increasing. Not all are justified, but some such as early morning noise close to houses and units are.

So let's consider the needs of everyone, jet skiers and residents, so we can have fun and live in harmony.

Please remember jet skiing should be fun but fair for everyone.

Fun but fair means:

  • residents respect the rights of jet skiers to have fun
  • jet skiers respect the rights of residents to an enjoyable environment

Unless these noise issues are resolved voluntarily, Gold Coast City Council will have no option but to introduce legislation, with infringement penalties.

Jet ski etiquette

  • Consider others.
  • Reduce noise, especially before 7am.
  • Start the jet ski engine in the water.
  • Warm up the engine once in the water.
  • Flush the engine at home, not by revving it in the car park or on the boat ramp.
  • Choose launch ramps away from homes, such as The Spit ramp off Sea World Drive.

Remember - jet skiing should be fun but fair for everyone.


Local laws - protecting you and your assets

Refer to Subordinate Local Law No. 7.1 (Jetties and Boat Ramps) 2008 located below in Related Information.