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The Mayor's Telstra Technology Award 2016

The Mayor is delighted to be partnering once again with Telstra to bring you The Mayor's Telstra Technology Award, exclusive to Gold Coast high schools.

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The Mayor's Telstra Technology Award 2016

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Entries into The Mayor's Telstra Technology Award 2016 have now closed.

Congratulations to all 12 finalists for this year! The quality of the ideas put forward this year was diverse, innovative and a credit not just to the students but to their schools.

The winners were announced at the ‘Final Pitch Night’ at Bond University and are listed below.

Winner – Southport State High School, Toroidal Displacer
2nd Place – Varsity College, Keiluke
3rd Place – Emmanuel College, LifeMap: Water Quality Detection Network

Mayor Tom Tate congratulated the winning team, along with all finalists for their outstanding efforts.

A summary of all the finalists ideas are below;

  1. Emmanuel College - Purification Unit: A smart autonomous wireless sensor network that helps overcome the serious problem of dirty drinking water, especially in third world countries.
  2. Hillcrest College - Flexi Energy: Combines functionality with innovation to create an item bringing clothing and energy production together in a new, exciting way.
  3. Merrimac State High School - Portable Defibrillator: Revolutionary concept founded on existing technology with a key focus on the portability of what would normally be a bulky device.
  4. Merrimac State High School - Bin Fun: Gaming machine which uses recyclables as tokens for games to play. The game mixes a passion for gaming while promoting recycling and waste management with the community.
  5. Pacific Pines State High School - Safe-T-Keys: A small key casing with a fingerprint scanner and blood alcohol monitor for drivers of cars. Helps to combat drink driving.
  6. Assisi Catholic College - Semper Vigilo: Camera placed in the entrance of school carparks which reads number plates and speed of cars. Provides a solution for various issues in schools, such as congestion, security and safety.
  7. Saint Stephen's College - Safety First: An app to assist teenagers in communicating with their guardians to let them know they are okay while they are out.
  8. Southport State High School - Toroidal Displacer: A new version of a propeller that turns the circular motion of motors into a parallel downward force. This technology solves planet earth's issue of land consumption and could potentially lead to flying cars, houses, farms and even cities.
  9. The Southport School - Dietary and Diabetic App: App that scans food barcodes, which transports data to a diabetic person's insulin pump and automatically administers the correct level of medication.
  10. Varsity College - Watch Out: Mobile phone app that sends a notification to a pedestrian who is walking 30 metres or less near a tram.
  11. Varsity College - Keiluke: App to prevent common problems such as losing your keys, locking your keys in your car or leaving your car unlocked.
  12. Varsity College - Study Locker: App that effectively closes and locks down certain user defined programs that would otherwise distract students during study time.


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If you have any queries about the Mayor's Telstra Technology Award, please email or phone 07 5581 6474.

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