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Artbox Reloaded 2016

Hand painted traffic signal box featuring a beach sunset

Hand painted traffic signal box featuring a beach sunset

Are you an inspiring artist? Would you like to see your art displayed within the city?

Artbox Reloaded is an initiative to reduce graffiti on traffic signal boxes and improve visual amenity in the city. 

Local artists are invited to submit designs that showcase our unique and vibrant city and have local relevance.

The designs will be reviewed by a panel of stakeholders and the artworks selected will then be applied by laminex to traffic signal boxes at various locations throughout the city. A contribution of $200 will be provided to successful artists.

Please refer to the Project Brief for further information.

Designs must be submitted by 5pm Wednesday 11 May 2016 via email to

If you are successful you will be notified by email.

Download the Public Art form.

For more information please view:

View a wide range of funding available for artists and arts/cultural organisations through state and federal government sources. Links to websites can be found below.

General arts funding

Arts Queensland

Funding to support artists, arts and cultural workers and organisations is available through Arts Queensland. The funding sits in a framework of: Organisations fund, projects and programs funds, individuals fund, Innovation fund, super star fund and playing Queensland fund. They also provide other awards, funding and partnerships.

Arts NSW

Arts NSW is the New South Wales Government’s arts and culture policy and development body. Providing support to artists and key arts and cultural organisations through their infrastructure and funding programs, and targeted strategies.

Australia Council for the Arts

The Australia Council for the Arts is the Australian Government's arts funding and advisory body.

Department of Communications and the Arts

The Australian Government provides funding and grants to arts and cultural organisations and individual artists from across Australia.

Ministry for the Arts
Copyright Agency Career Fund
Copyright Agency Cultural Fund

International arts residencies


Asialink works in partnership with arts residency centres to create meaningful and enduring relationships between individuals and organisations in Australia and Asia.

Community grants funding (including arts activities)

Gambling Community Benefit Fund

The Community Benefit Funding Programs distributes revenue from gaming taxes to various not-for-profit community groups throughout Queensland.


Screen Australia

Screen Australia offers funds for the development, production and marketing of Australian screen content, as well as for the development of Australian talent and screen production businesses.

Youth Arts

The Foundation for Young Australians.


Tourism and Events Queensland.


The J B Seed Arts Grant Program

Grants and initiatives for emerging artists and managers. For information on the grants visit The Seed Fund website.

Grant McLennan Memorial Fellowship

A $25,000 fellowship for Queensland songwriters. For information on the fellowship visit the Arts Queensland website.

Billy Thorpe Scholarship

A $10,000 scholarship program for emerging bands and solo musicians. For information on the scholarship visit the Arts Queensland website.

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