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Regional Arts Development Fund

Regional Arts Development Fund

If you're a local artist, creative business or organisation, grants are available to bring your big ideas to life through the Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF). Projects supported through RADF are bold, collaborative and fuel the cultural charge that’s happening on the Gold Coast.

In 2018-19, RADF is comprised of four programs - GERMINATE, ACTIVATE, ACTIVATE MUSIC and INITIATE. It is recommended that all applicants make contact with the City's RADF Liaison Officer to discuss their application prior to submission.

GERMINATE – now open


Individuals and organisations/collectives may apply for up to $5000 per application for:

  • The early and/or developmental stages of: new work including experimental, community based and interdisciplinary activity; pilot programs; exploration of new audiences and presentation models. Projects and activities may be transitional or experimental in nature and where applicable applicants are encouraged to explore new and unlikely partnerships, for example, art/science, art/sport, art/commerce.
  • Opportunities to collaborate, share and disseminate information; identify the needs of, and up skill, members/participants; and enhance connectedness through establishment of new and/or stronger relationships with members, stakeholders and partners.
  • Support to participate in professional development activity including but not limited to exhibitions/productions, short courses, workshops, symposiums and mentorships. Opportunities for inter-cultural and generational professional exchange are encouraged.


Germinate is a rolling fund with applications accepted at any time. Applicants will receive notification of the outcome within six weeks from the date of submission.

How to apply

  1. Read the GERMINATE Program guidelines and application form.
  2. Apply online. Note: Accessibility is important to us. If you need to apply in a different format please let us know.

ACTIVATE - now open


The ACTIVATE Program provides support for Gold Coast creatives, organisations/collectives and community to deliver diverse and enterprising projects and programs that align to the Culture Strategy 2023, clearly articulate ideas, partnerships and outcomes and display a clear connection to the Gold Coast. Central to the program are the criteria of artistic excellence, community benefit, collaboration, partnerships, sustainability and innovation.

Application to ACTIVATE is a two stage process.

  • Stage One: Applicants submit a short two page proposal online outlining their idea, how it aligns to the objectives of the Culture Strategy 2023 and a high-level budget. All eligible applicants then meet with members of the RADF Committee to discuss their application in more detail and ‘pitch’ their idea. The Committee will shortlist and invite selected applicants to progress to Stage Two.
  • Stage Two: Shortlisted applicants are invited to submit online a more detailed project plan, timeline, budget, and supporting material. This stage of the assessment focusses on clearly articulating the vision, impact and objectives of the project and evidencing the applicants’ capacity to deliver.


Activate is offered through two competitive funding rounds annually. Applicants will receive notification of the outcome approximately 12 weeks from the date of submission.

How to apply

  1. Read the ACTIVATE program guidelines and review the application form.

ACTIVATE MUSIC – opening 3 May 2019

The Activate Music Grant supports the development of the Gold Coast’s contemporary music artists and industry. Funding provides support for projects that build cultural capacity, increase employment and create pathways to sustainable music careers.

The Activate Music Grant program aims to:

  • support the career development of Gold Coast contemporary musicians and related industry professionals
  • build the City of Gold Coast’s music brand, showcasing Gold Coast content locally, nationally and internationally
  • invest in the growth and long term sustainability of the Gold Coast music sector.

The Activate Music Grant is available to Gold Coast music practitioners from all genres and career stages and industry professionals including managers, publicists and booking agents.

The Activate Music Grant offers three distinct areas of support:

  • New content creation: New Content Creation will support the development and recording of new musical works and related audio visual works that strengthen brand awareness including web content, social media and other marketing and promotional channels. It is expected that projects will incorporate strategic commercial release plans.
  • Professional development: Professional Development grants are designed to build industry capability offering career development opportunities for artists, managers and related music industry professionals. Building capacity through attendance at industry and business training including workshops, conferences, masterclasses and structured mentorships will be considered.
  • New market development (Touring): New Market Development will support bands to identify and develop new audiences through regional, national and international touring. Extending networks and connections for Gold Coast acts will enable new markets to be explored and new strategies considered to encourage long term career development.


Activate Music is offered through one competitive funding round annually. Applicants will receive notification of the outcome approximately six weeks from the date of submission.

Funding available


How to apply

  1. Read the ACTIVATE program guidelines and review the application form.
  2. Apply online. Note: Accessibility is important to us. If you need to apply in a different format please let us know.

INITIATE – new program coming soon

New in 2018-19, the INITIATE Program is the next evolution in the local funding landscape providing increased opportunities for international exposure, partnerships and the export of high quality, distinctly Gold Coast creative practitioners and product. The program augments existing funding programs GERMINATE and ACTIVATE through the provision of professional development opportunities linked to international placements.

Supported activity will be specifically focused on international collaborations through shared artistic practice, co-production or presentation, mentoring and/or resident programs etc. This fund aims to support Gold Coast artists to extend their global networks and artistic practice through international placements that expose them to world standards in the arts. There is an expectation that artists on placements will act as international ambassadors growing the City’s reputation as the new home for contemporary arts practice nationally and internationally.

Central to the program are the criteria of creative and professional growth, exploration, international connections and collaboration, unique partnerships, innovation and community benefit.

Keep an eye on this space for more information including opening dates and criteria soon.

What is the Regional Arts Development Fund?

RADF is an annual strategic partnership between Arts Queensland and 58 local governments to support quality arts and cultural experiences across Queensland. RADF invests in local arts and cultural activities, as determined by local priorities promoting the role and value of arts, culture and heritage as the key drivers of diverse, inclusive and strong regions.

RADF provides project-based financial assistance to support:

  • professional development and employment of artists and cultural workers in regional Queensland
  • community cultural development activities.

Take a look at our Culture Strategy 2023 to help spark some ideas or see how your current ideas might support one or all four of the strategic outcomes.

Regional Arts Development Fund Committee 2018-19

The Gold Coast City RADF Committee assesses individual RADF applications and ensures that funding allocated is in line with the RADF principles, eligibility criteria, and the City's cultural plans and policies.

As outlined in the table below, the current Committee is comprised of creative industry professionals across multiple art forms and areas of expertise.

Committee members

Member Position
Gavin Webber Dance
Chris Bennie Visual Arts, multimedia
Michael McCartney Music
Jeff Licence Film / community engagement
Dr Sally Breen Writing
Charleen Morris Indigenous, visual arts
Nasrin Vaziri Multi art form, CALD
Libby Harward Indigenous, visual arts, youth
Kristy Seymour Circus / physical theatre
Mark Duckworth Theatre / music / digital/design / museums/cultural heritage / festivals
Andrea Lewis Community engagement / Festivals / Writing
Carol Collins Visual arts / Community engagement
Emma Collerton Visual arts / museums/cultural heritage
Claudio Kirac Visual Arts / Theatre / Multi art form / Festivals / Music / Digital/Design / Museums/Cultural Heritage
Tory Jones Visual arts / writing / community engagement / digital/design / festivals / museums/cultural heritage / public art/urban design
Meredith Elton Theatre / Community engagement / Multi art form / Circs/Physical Theatre / Dance
Mik Auckland Theatre / Festivals / Large scale public events
Kate McDonald Theatre / Community engagement / Multi art form / Festivals / Dance / Music
Paul Blakey Music

Key information

For further information please contact:

Emma Calverley
Arts and Culture Program Lead – Partnerships and Investment
Phone: 07 5582 6871 or

Dan Carroll
Senior Arts and Culture Project Officer / RADF Liaison Officer
Phone: 07 5581 6075 or

RADF Forms and applications

View RADF resources and forms which include programs, initiatives, guidelines and application forms.

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