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City parking

Gold Coast parking has been designed to provide convenient, centrally located car parking to keep our city moving.

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Resident event parking permits

Resident event parking permits are available for residents who reside within a designated event traffic area. Event traffic areas are mapped geographical areas within the City where timed, on-street parking controls apply. The areas include: 

This permit allows the resident or a visitor to that residence to park for an unlimited period of time at the location nominated on the permit, subject to conditions. 


No fees apply. 

Apply for a new permit

Step 1: Calculate how many permits you are eligible for

Use this table to find out how many permits you can apply for.

Street frontage Maximum number of permits per premises
Less than six (6) metres 0
Six (6) metres or more, but less than 12 metres 1
Twelve (12) metres or more 2

If you are applying for a Robina Stadium Traffic Area or Metricon Stadium Residential Traffic Area permit and you reside in a unit within a community titles scheme, only the body corporate may be granted the permit and the maximum number of permits is two (2).

If you are applying for a Main Beach Traffic Area event permit, you are not eligible if you reside in a high-rise or a medium-rise building.

Step 2: Work out what event traffic area you are in

You will be requested to identify which event traffic area you reside within when applying for a permit.

Event traffic areas are mapped geographical areas within the City where timed, on-street parking controls apply. The areas include:

If you are not sure which area applies to you, please review the maps.

Step 3: Make sure you have the right information and documents needed to complete your application

The resident must complete the application (in this case, the resident will be considered the licensee – the person who holds the visitor parking permit).

To complete the application, you will need to know your:

  • street address or Lot and RP (parcel) number.

You will also need:

  • proof of residency (one or more of the following):
    • recent rates notice (owner occupier)
    • signed tenancy/lease agreement
    • minimum of two bills less than six months old for utilities/phone/vehicle registration detailing applicant name and property address
    • current driver’s licence detailing current address.

Step 4: I am now ready to apply

  • I know how many permits I can apply for
  • I know what traffic area I am in (if applicable)
  • I know my street address and/or Lot and RP number
  • I have all the required documents ready
  • I am the Licensee (resident of the property)

Apply for a permit online


Alternatively, complete the downloadable ‘resident event parking permit application’ below.

Change an existing permit

Permit renewal

Resident event parking permits may be renewed annually.

Change an existing resident event parking permit

You may apply to change your resident event parking permit if you need to update contact details.

Fees do not apply for administrative changes.

Complete the downloadable ‘parking permit amendment application’ below.

If you have moved to a new residential premises located within an event traffic area, you need to complete a new application for a resident event parking permit.

Complete the downloadable ‘resident event parking permit application’ below.

This permit is not transferrable.

Replace an existing permit

You may apply for a replacement permit if your permit is lost, stolen, destroyed or damaged. You may also request a replacement of any approval documentation associated with your permit.

To apply for a replacement permit or approval documentation, complete a replacement application. Fees apply.

Complete the downloadable ‘parking permit replacement application’ below.

Cancel an existing permit

To cancel your resident event parking permit, submit a cancellation request. No fees apply.

Complete the downloadable ‘cancellation request application’ below.

Further information

If you have any further queries, please contact us on:
Phone: 1300 GOLD COAST or 07 5582 8211

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  • I already hold a resident parking permit or visitor parking permit. Am I also able to obtain a resident event parking permit?

    No. You are not eligible for a resident event parking permit if you already hold a resident parking permit, or visitor parking permit.

  • Why am I required to supply supporting documentation with my application?

    To ensure that permits are issued to residents who live in the area and meet the eligibility criteria.