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Road rules for cyclists

Cycling Road Rules

As a bicycle rider, you are operating a legal vehicle. You have the same rights and responsibilities as any other road user.

Cyclists can:

  • ride in bus, transit and bike lanes
  • ride on footpaths (unless prohibited by a sign), but must keep left and give way to pedestrians
  • choose whether or not they wish to use a bike lane where one is provided - never ride in a bike lane on the wrong side of the road (travelling towards oncoming traffic)
  • and must obey all traffic signals
  • ride two abreast, but must stay within 1.5 metres of each other
  • ride on the road shoulder or in a traffic lane
  • overtake other vehicles on the left unless vehicles are signalling and turning left
  • ride across a pedestrian (zebra) or children’s crossing as long as they come to a complete stop first, and then: proceed slowly and safely; give way to any pedestrian on the crossing; keep to the left of any oncoming bicycle rider or person who is using a personal mobility device
  • stop and cross at signalised pedestrian crossings without dismounting

View our fact sheet to find out more about cycling safety on the Gold Coast.

For more information on road rules, contact the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads on 13 74 68 or visit their website.

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