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The city offers an array of high quality facilities and services suited for any outdoor or sporting enthusiast.

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Sport right of use fees

When the Right of Use (ROU) program was introduced in 1995, a charge of $100 per annum was applicable for all requests. With the rapid population and participation growth, the number of individual ROU requests has increased from 3500 to over 62,000 since its inception. With this growth, development of new spaces and retention and attraction of major sporting events, comes increased pressure to maintain these facilities at a suitable standard.

As at 1 July 2018, the following fees apply:

Use and impact Example sports Fee (per season) Out of season fee
High use/high impact Aussie rules, rugby, soccer $679 per senior field $53 per facility, per week
Athletics, netball (association) $679 per facility
Touch football, oztag $679 per two touch fields
High use/low impact Baseball, softball $339 per senior field
Cricket $339 per facility
Low use/high impact BMX/cycling $339 per facility per annum
Netball (club) $339 per facility
Irregular use/low impact Archery, petanque, animal clubs $284 per area per annum


  • High use - facility used most days per week
  • Low use - facility used less than two days per week
  • Irregular use - casual use of a facility
  • High impact - high maintenance cost for facility and/or activity
  • Low impact - low maintenance cost for facility and/or activity
  • Season - winter from April to September, summer from October to March (guide only)

For further information, please contact:

Recreational Services
Phone: 07 5581 6863

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