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Surf Management Plan

The Surf Management Plan provides world’s best practice coastal management strategies to preserve and enhance the city’s surfing amenity.

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Surf Management Plan

Our Surf Management Plan recognises the value surfing provides to our lifestyle and economy.

The plan is a deliverable of our Ocean Beaches Strategy and aims to manage the increasing demands on our surfing resources by:

  • defining 'surf amenity' and how it relates to Gold Coast beaches
  • describing coastal processes, seasonal weather patterns and the legislative framework that shape surf amenity on the Gold Coast
  • providing a point of reference for future beach management works
  • gather knowledge relating to surf amenity from key surfing stakeholders through a Surf Management Plan Advisory Committee.

The plan was developed in partnership with the former Surf Management Plan Advisory Committee.

Some of the key recommendations include:

  • communication tools to better educate beach users about surf safety and etiquette
  • a website for local surf reports and forecasting as well as real-time coastal monitoring for all Gold Coast beaches
  • a coastal study utilising advanced modelling of wave and sand movement to identify opportunities and feasibility for long term surf amenity management and potential enhancement through projects such as the construction of artificial reefs
  • investment in upgrades of coastal monitoring infrastructure such as specialist surf cameras and wave buoys
  • a study into the social and economic value of surfing to the Gold Coast
  • strategies to maximise enjoyment and minimise conflict between beach user groups (e.g. seasonal adjustments to flagged swimming and board riders zones)
  • new coastal capital works projects will give consideration to both coastal protection and where possible, enhancement of surf amenity.

Latest news: Gold Coast - the newest World Surfing Reserve

Find the link to a media release from Save The Waves Coalition below.

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