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Workplace Travel Program

The Workplace Travel Program will help your employees save money, demonstrate alternative ways to travel to work and ease local congestion.

Workplace Travel Program

Workplace Travel Program

What is the Workplace Travel Program?

The Workplace Travel Program provides advice and support for workplaces to promote the different travel choices available to employees, visitors, services and deliveries to your workplace.

The program will help you:

  • save your employees' money
  • increase the travel choices for employees and visitors travelling to and from your workplace
  • reduce local traffic congestion
  • improve recruitment choices and employee retention
  • mitigate the impact road works and events have on your business
  • manage servicing, freight and deliveries for your workplace during city-wide events.

The Workplace Travel Program provides fact sheets, advice and activities to help workplaces introduce travel methods other than single-occupant car trips. Walking, cycling, carpooling and public transport, as well as more flexible ways of working, can be easily promoted to help your employees save money and increase their travel choices.

You can choose to use all the suggested elements of the program or pick individual features to suit your workplace size and resources.

A Workplace Travel Program can grow with your needs to enable both employees and the workplace to operate more efficiently. It is designed to help small and medium workplaces with a few employees or large workplaces with thousands of employees.

Benefits for your workplace:

  • reduce your employees' weekly commute costs
  • by promoting increased travel choices, you can improve retention and recruitment
  • reduce local congestion
  • easily manage event impacts, servicing, freight and delivery needs
  • more productive employees and less sick days taken
  • all the tools and resources are free
  • introduce travel choices without significant time commitment from management
  • promote travel options easily through the free maps, posters, guides and fact sheets available to download
  • choose a few or all of the initiatives to suit your business.

Getting started with the Workplace Travel Program

The Workplace Travel Program has been designed to allow you to pick and choose the initiatives to suit your travel issues, workplace size and available resources. The program can be introduced at a pace that suits your workplace.

Workplace travel tools and resources

A range of free and easy to use tools and resources have been developed to help support you, your workplace and employees.

Free workplace travel support packages

A range of free* travel support packages to encourage you and your employees to trial sustainable travel modes for your commute to and from work.
*Conditions apply. See our fact sheets for details.

Frequently asked questions

We have a range of frequently asked questions that might help.

Workplace travel profiles

Be inspired by Gold Coast workplaces who have already introduced a number of great travel initiatives. Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Corporation’s goal is to change the habitual use of cars and Wyndham Vacation Resorts is helping their employees to be active before and during work. Find out what other Gold Coast businesses are doing to support their employee travel choices.

Evaluate your workplace program

Measure the impact of your workplace travel initiative and gain insights from participants on how it could be expanded and improved.

Want to be involved?

Contact our Workplace Travel Team on 1300 GOLDCOAST (1300 465 326) or 07 5582 8211, or email

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  • What if we don’t have enough time to commit to a Workplace Travel Program?

    The Workplace Travel Program is free and contains easy to achieve initiatives. You can start small and implement the tools in the time that you have to suit your business.

  • Why would it be worth introducing?

    The Workplace Travel Program will help save your employees' money, create a happier, healthier workforce and reduce sick days taken. Employees are likely to embrace the program once they see how easy and successful it is and the positive impact the program has on your workplace.

  • How much will it cost?

    The City’s Workplace Travel Program is free. Resources and tools such as posters, email templates, how to guides, sign-up sheets and evaluation surveys are provided in the Workplace Travel toolkit.

  • We are only a small business. Is the program relevant to us?

    The Workplace Travel Program has been designed to be scaled up or down based on the size of your workplace or work site. If you only have a few employees, you could implement some of the simple initiatives, such as placing posters in common areas and having the free walk and cycle maps available.

  • What if we don’t have the facilities to support employees walking, cycling or carpooling to work?

    The first step in developing a workplace travel initiative is to ask employees to complete a workplace travel survey. This will enable you to see the demand for any facilities to support their alternative travel options to and from work.

  • What if I tell management I want to champion this program, but they don’t want to undertake any changes?

    Workplace travel fact sheets contain all sorts of hints and tips on how you can champion and promote alternative travel choices to senior management, human resource areas and employees in your workplace. Contact us for more help and advice at


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