Our coastline

A number of projects are currently underway along the coastline addressing the health of our beaches including beach nourishment, seawall construction and dredging.

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Total Management Planning for integrated catchments and waterways

Total Management Planning integrates the environmental assessment, engineering, technical and business related planning activities to ensure all plans and actions are consistent in intent and outcome.

City of Gold Coast has recognised that catchments and waterways must be managed in an integrated and holistic manner.

To achieve this, the City is introducing a Total Management Plan (TMP) for catchments and waterways.

The scope of the Total Management Planning approach includes the following key issues:

  • water quality and waterway corridors
  • flooding and drainage
  • catchment planning.

The City's TMP for catchment and waterways establishes an innovative and cost-effective framework to manage the city's waterways for the purpose of minimising adverse flooding, developing and maintaining ecologically sustainable waterways and wetlands, and protecting recognised values associated with the city's water bodies.

This TMP represents the first model to be developed for waterways management in Queensland, if not Australia. The City's TMP approach was formulated to address high priority issues in relation to catchment and waterway management.

It will allow the City to organise and deploy its resources in a systematic and efficient manner to ensure that it receives the best value for money in the management of its catchments and waterways.

The TMP will serve to integrate water quality, flood management, waterway health and waterway corridor planning into a coordinated activity. These issues have been addressed from various perspectives including legislative requirements, risks minimisation, management practices, action strategies, and business implementation.

Implementation working group

The implementation working group is a formally recognised group comprised of directors, managers and staff from various operational areas across the City and Griffith University.

The function of this group is to oversee the implementation of the TMP and to provide a forum for discussion of various issues relating to waterway and catchment management.

This group has been very effective in developing a framework for implementation and undertaking relevant projects and actions. The group has helped to promote cooperative working arrangements and has greatly assisted with the implementation of the Integrated Catchment and Waterway Management Strategy.

Vision and goal

Proposed strategy vision

To maintain healthy catchments and waterways that are managed in an integrated and effective manner to meet community and environmental needs and expectations for now and in the future.

Proposed strategy goal

To provide an innovative and cost-effective framework to manage the city's waterways and drainage networks for the purposes of minimising flooding, protecting and improving recognised values associated with the city’s water bodies and waterways and promoting ecologically sustainable developments.

Key strategies

The proposed key strategies to achieve the overall strategy goal are outlined below:

  1. Adopt an integrated approach to develop the City's catchment and waterways management plans.
  2. Adopt an integrated management approach to the City's stormwater assets.
  3. Continue to develop and improve the City's knowledge base for the catchments and waterways.
  4. Minimise flooding and its impacts.
  5. Protect and enhance ecological values (including water quality) of waterways.
  6. Use partnerships to deliver better outcomes.
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