About our city

The Gold Coast is Australia's sixth largest city. It is home to over 635,000 people. We are a city known for our lifestyle and diversity, with almost one in three residents born overseas.

The city boasts close to one million visitors each year from countries all over the world. With a vibrant arts and culture scene, a beautiful natural environment and world-class tourism attractions, we also have a proud history and a heritage to preserve and protect for future generations.

Over Indigenous locals are descendants of the traditional Aboriginal people of the region. Some have moved to the Gold Coast from other regions around Australia. We collaborate with our local Indigenous community to document their history and culture and share it with everyone.

We have strong ties with sister cities around the world and continue to grow the diversity and strength of our international connections. This creates real business opportunities in trade and investment in a range of industries.

At the same time, our Digital City Program is transforming how we live, connect, and grow, with the view of the Gold Coast soon being one of Australia's leading digital cities.

So, welcome to this wonderful city — we are sure you'll enjoy every aspect that the Gold Coast has to offer.