Public Art Advisory Group

This opportunity has closed. We will be launching new arts opportunities in the second half of 2024.

Public art is vital to achieving the City's vision for the Gold Coast – ‘Inspired by lifestyle. Driven by opportunity.’ – by fostering and expressing our entrepreneurial spirit and creativity through a highly visible and accessible artform.

All Eyes on Us – the Commonwealth Star, Stuart Green, 2018
Image: All Eyes on Us & the Commonwealth Star, Stuart Green, 2018

After updating our Public Art Policy in 2022, we called for experts to join the new Public Art Advisory Group.

The Public Art Advisory Group is critical to achieving the City’s vision and the Policy’s objectives – providing independent advice, specialist knowledge and recommendations to guide the City’s commissioning, acquisition, and management of public art.

We selected professionals who have knowledge and experience in public art and creative industries, placemaking and the built environment, architecture, community cultural engagement, cultural heritage and/or cultural tourism, to join the panel and play an important role in shaping the future of public art across the city.