Burleigh Heads Business Centre place making master plan

We have finalised the Burleigh Heads Place Making Plan which will enhance the iconic Burleigh Heads precinct and its unique lifestyle.

The plan focuses on improving public spaces for the community.

Research and stakeholder workshops helped shape a vision, principles, strategies and concept proposals for the plan, providing valuable insights into the Burleigh Heads precinct.

Examples of future projects include: improved streets, safety, seating areas, shared pathways that integrate with revegetation of green space, shade trees and ground cover, designated bike lanes and street artwork with high visual impact.

The final Burleigh Heads Place Making Plan will shape and inform future decision making and provide a list of priority place making and city building projects for implementation in the short, medium and long term.

Project timeline

Date Project stage
2019 The City identified Burleigh Heads as one of several commercial areas across the city to receive a place making plan to focus on urban renewal.
Stakeholder workshop 1: November 2019
Late 2020 Stakeholder engagement workshops were conducted with local business industry representatives.
Stakeholder workshop 2: July 2020(PDF, 925KB)
Stakeholder workshop 3: November 2020(PDF, 703KB)
Early 2021 Stakeholder workshop 4: February 2021
Mid-2021 Burleigh Heads Place Making Plan draft design concepts were developed (informed by stakeholder workshop outcomes and precinct research). We conducted a community engagement survey to seek feedback on the draft design concepts.
Late 2021 Community survey feedback will be collated to shape the direction of the final Burleigh Heads Place Making Plan, developed with short-, medium- and long-term project aspirations.
Post-Light Rail
Stage 3 construction
Individual projects will roll out from the plan as funding allows, to complement the light rail and connect Burleigh Heads.

Burleigh Heads Place Making Plan precinct

Burleigh Heads Place Making Plan precinct

Community workshops

Four community stakeholder workshops with local business industry representatives took place, providing valuable insights and community expectations to guide the early stages of preparing the draft plan.

Initial feedback identified the top 10 priorities for Burleigh Heads. They include: the headland, beaches, local identity, parks, heritage and history, parking, street trees, oceanway, pedestrian access and safety.

A locally inspired, shared vision was developed:

  • acknowledge the uniqueness and significance of Burleigh headland (known as Jellurgal to the people of the Yugambeh Language Region)
  • Celebrate the importance of the beach, foreshore and surfing culture
  • enhance all things pertaining to the village of Burleigh Heads.

Developing the plan

Community workshop outcomes helped shape a vision, principles and draft concept designs for future potential projects.

We gathered research including an economic baseline study, vehicle and pedestrian movement and counts, user experience, lighting, traffic congestion, parking and accessibility of infrastructure.

The plan principles are to create and enhance:

  • public spaces that are safe, inclusive and equitable
  • streets that balance the needs of all users
  • civic spaces that inspire and foster cultural life
  • economic development and environmental sustainability.

These principles aim to build on the strong sense of community that already exists to create a vibrant and memorable place.

Community survey

We invited the community to take part in a survey from Thursday 6 May to Wednesday 19 May 2021, to help shape the direction of the Burleigh Heads Place Making Plan.

Burleigh Heads Place Making Plan frequently asked questions(PDF, 162KB)

The final Burleigh Heads Place Making Plan

Community feedback and precinct research informed the final plan. The plan includes a list of proposed priority projects for post light rail implementation in the Burleigh Heads precinct in the short, medium and long term.

The plan serves as a decision-making tool, informing budgets and guiding decisions for potential future projects. Individual projects will roll out as funding allows.

Plan framework

The Burleigh Heads Place Making Plan aims to:

  • maintain Burleigh Heads' strong connection to the ocean and headland
  • improve access, walkability and active transport options
  • add value and understand its identity and key local features, including:
    - heritage buildings (all buildings of time significance including the Bowls Club)
    - arcades off Justin Lane and James Street
    - scale and retail mix of the local shopping facilities
  • improve its village 'high' street feel, visual amenity and streetscape character; protecting the Connor Street trees and providing more shade trees and plenty of 'green' dotted through the urban environment
  • connect the community with events and green space for family picnics and get-togethers
  • promote the commercial and social offerings of the centre
  • interface with the light rail project in a manner that integrates positively with the centre and surrounds, and fits into the village vibe.

Final Place Making Plan

Burleigh Heads Place Making Plan A(PDF, 16MB)
Burleigh Heads Place Making Plan B(PDF, 15MB)