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Optus leases City-owned infrastructure to bring better internet to its Gold Coast customers

A new partnership between the City and Optus, one of Australia’s leading telecommunications companies, will enhance 5G technology to the Gold Coast region, improving local 5G mobile speeds today and helping facilitate the possibilities that 5G technology could bring to connectivity in homes and businesses in the future.

The City’s fibre optic network (SurfNetwork) has provided Optus with a suite of options to expand 4G and 5G coverage and boost network density across the city.

The partnership is contributing to the Gold Coast's reputation as a leading-edge digitally connected community and highlighting SurfNetwork’s capability to customise options for our wholesale telecommunications customers.

SurfNetwork’s Facilities Access Program has provided Optus with the opportunity to lease dark fibre, light poles, duct space or building-side space from key locations across our pristine beachfronts and beautiful green spaces.

Optus Local General Manager Nick Channell said improving local 5G mobile speeds is a major win for families and businesses across the Gold Coast.

“The Gold Coast area is full of families and a range of many different types of businesses who will benefit from having improved local 5G mobile speeds. Whether it is students doing their schoolwork at home or businesses operating and serving customers, this partnership and new technology is only good news for the community.” – Optus Local General Manager Nick Channell

Yurika Telecom

Strategic partnership plays pivotal role in shaping the Gold Coast's telecommunications landscape

Yurika Telecom is a leading telecommunications provider, offering services to government, commercial organisations and providing wholesale telecommunications to carriers and carriage service providers.

Yurika Telecom has tapped into the City of Gold Coast’s SurfNetwork and its comprehensive dark fibre and Ethernet Connect services to establish a robust and extensive network on the Gold Coast.

SurfNetwork’s Facilities Access Program further enhances Yurika’s capabilities by granting them access to our extensive network of ducts and underground infrastructure, facilitating the seamless deployment of fibre optic networks across the Gold Coast.

SurfNetwork’s strategic partnership with Yurika Telecoms delivers unparalleled connectivity that empowers businesses and residents to thrive in the digital age.

Women's FIFA World Cup community streaming

Demonstrating the power of technology in connecting our communities

For the highly anticipated Women’s FIFA World Cup event, the City of Gold Coast’s SurfNetwork was tasked with the exciting challenge of ensuring the Robina Community Centre and Helensvale Library and Cultural Centre auditoriums could broadcast the FIFA Cup on the big screens so hundreds of excited soccer fans could attend to watch the events live.

SurfNetwork deployed high-speed fibre optic networks to stream the matches live and in high-definition, ensuring an immersive viewing experience for the public.

SurfNetwork worked meticulously with the community centre support team to ensure that every aspect of the streaming was flawless, from the high-speed fibre optic connections to the robust Wi-Fi networks, guaranteeing that every goal, every play, and every moment of triumph was shared and celebrated by the community in real-time.

In the heart of Surfers Paradise, SurfNetwork also took over the Pacific Air show big screens and broadcasted the FIFA finals for anyone to watch live.

This project not only delivered an exceptional viewing experience but also demonstrated the power of technology in connecting our communities through shared passions and significant global events.

Local Disaster Coordination Centre

Local Disaster Coordination Centre

High speed communication during emergencies

City of Gold Coast has responsibilities under the Disaster Management Act to operate a Local Disaster Coordination Centre. Its responsibility is to assist the Local Disaster Management Group in managing disasters on the Gold Coast. These disasters might include bushfires, cyclones, severe weather events and flooding.

Regardless of the event type, it is imperative that the Disaster Coordination Centre has as very high level of information technology resilience. This is why there is a number of fibre optic connections (managed by the City of Gold Coast’s SurfNetwork) into the centre. This ensures there are fast, reliable and secure internet connections available.

The centre provides access for the State Emergency Service and the Queensland Police Service to log into their own networks. This is so they can operate out of the Centre as if they were operating out of their own facilities. They too can benefit from the reliable and secure connections.

“The fibre optic connections allow the Local Disaster Coordination Centre to share information with a range of agencies to ensure it can provide the best possible coordination of response to disaster events on the Gold Coast.” – David Youssef AFSM, City of Gold Coast Coordinator Disaster Management

Gold Coast Aquatic Centre

Gold Coast Aquatic Centre event

Technology helping to attract world class aquatic events

The Gold Coast Aquatic Centre is proud to be recognised as a venue with access to the City of Gold Coast’s SurfNetwork and its services. This plays a vital role in ensuring the team can continue to attract world class aquatic events. Playing host to large scale national and international events such as the Australian Swimming Championships, requires fast and reliable wi-fi connections to deliver services such as live streaming and national broadcasting.

Not only does the venue rely on the SurfNetwork for high-profile events, but also to operate a range of services for patrons and stakeholders including:

  • displaying content and streaming on the digital LED scoreboards
  • operating timing and racing equipment for swim meets and competitions, and
  • connecting users and guests in online meetings or functions held at the venue.

Gold Coast Marathon

Gold Coast Marathon finish

City of Gold Coast’s fibre optic network, SurfNetwork, developed a fibre internet solution that was integral to the Gold Coast Marathon’s success.

SurfNetwork connected dark fibre at the Broadwater Parklands, creating a high-capacity connection for stable and high-speed internet event operations and public engagement.

The internet was used by the public, for event timing, media use, live-streaming and operations. 

Recognising the crucial role of live streaming, SurfNetwork allocated additional bandwidth to support a high-quality live viewing and seamless broadcast of the marathon.

A site office was set up, complete with temporary switches and Wi-Fi access points, serving as a dedicated operations hub, enabling efficient event management.

SurfNetwork’s commitment to technical excellence was further demonstrated through extensive onsite testing, including SSID broadcasting and Wi-Fi quality assessments, ensuring a reliable and high-performing network was maintained throughout the Gold Coast Marathon.

This project underlines SurfNetwork’s capability in delivering comprehensive digital infrastructure solutions, adeptly tailored to meet the specific demands of large-scale events like the Gold Coast Marathon.

“The Gold Coast Marathon requires multiple networks setup for the delivery of the event across Southport Broadwater Parklands to accommodate the webcast/ livestream, timing, photography, and general event operations. The Gold Coast City Council Telecommunications team (SurfNetwork) provide excellent service and are very accommodating to the needs of the Gold Coast Marathon. They are very responsive whilst on site during the setup and testing and strive for the best results for the event,” – Logan Hart, Manager Event Operations, Events Management Queensland

Gold Coast Libraries

Gold Coast Libraries SurfNetwork

Promoting equality of access to information

The City of Gold Coast’s SurfNetwork services the City of Gold Coast Libraries, which are the largest provider of free and low-cost computing services to the community.

Libraries provide the community with access to:

  • free high-speed Wi-Fi
  • over 300 public access PCs, connected to our high-speed optical fibre network for super-fast internet speeds
  • digital literacy and learning programs
  • physical and digital resources to self-educate, and
  • low-cost printing services.

Library visitors use the associated facilities to work, study, pay bills, apply for jobs and download library eResources. Small businesses tap into the facilities, along with the general public for social communication and personal recreation.

This range of community-facing end-user computing services, including Internet and Wi-Fi helps to provide equitable access to technology to disadvantaged and low socio-economic members of our community, which closely aligns with the missions of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA), and the United Nations (UN).

IFLA have been working with the UN to articulate the key role Libraries, Local Governments and other institutions have in achieving the successful implementation of aspects of the United Nations – Our Common Agenda. Promoting equality of access to information, education, digital inclusivity and accessibility, and a strong focus on universal Internet access as a human right.

Safety Camera Network

Security Camera Network

SurfNetwork enhance city safety

The Safety Camera Network (SCN) is part of the City of Gold Coast’s community safety program. It involves the use of CCTV to enhance safety in public spaces for residents, businesses and visitors.

An ongoing partnership between the City of Gold Coast’s SurfNetwork and SCN has provided opportunities to further expand CCTV presence in strategic locations and as part of key City projects.

The introduction of SurfNetwork dark fibre across the Gold Coast has contributed to supporting reliable and high quality CCTV installations and expansion of the SCN, further enhancing safety across the city.

In addition to this, the SCN has also assisted in the expansion of the City of Gold Coast’s free public Wi-Fi, allowing Wi-Fi devices and equipment to be located on existing SCN CCTV poles and cabinets.

The SCN now incorporates over 850 CCTV cameras. The cameras are monitored 24/7 from a central control room, with direct communication with police.

Crafted Beer Festival

SurfNetwork supports the seamless operation of event’s Point of Sale

At the Crafted Beer Festival, the City of Gold Coast’s SurfNetwork delivered a robust and reliable wi-fi network catering to both exhibitors and attendees. SurfNetwork successfully implemented a dual-layer wi-fi solution, encompassing a secure Point Of Sale (POS) Wi-Fi for exhibitors and a complimentary public Wi-Fi for festival goers.

The heart of the project was ensuring the seamless operation of the exhibitors' POS systems. Recognising the critical need for uninterrupted transactions, especially in a high-volume sales environment, we established a dedicated secure POS Wi-Fi network. This specialised network was engineered to handle the heavy demand of thousands of sales, maintaining high-speed and secure connections to facilitate smooth and continuous payment processing throughout the event.

Simultaneously, we deployed the City’s Free SurfWifi network, a free public Wi-Fi service for attendees. This allowed festivalgoers to stay connected, share their experiences on social media, and engage with the event’s digital offerings. The robust infrastructure of our public Wi-Fi ensured that despite the high foot traffic and simultaneous access by numerous users, the network remained stable and fast, enhancing the overall attendee experience.

Pacific Airshow 2023

Pacific Airshow 2023

City infrastructure maximises event coverage

Prior to the exhilarating Pacific Airshow 2023, the City of Gold Coast’s SurfNetwork successfully deployed a high-speed Ethernet Connect fibre-optic service which was pivotal in supporting the airshow’s intricate operations and communications needs.

Understanding the importance of robust and reliable internet connectivity at such a large-scale event, our team not only deployed the communications backbone for operations but we also, utilised street poles to mount wi-fi access points strategically throughout Surfers Paradise. This approach not only maximised coverage but also ensured a discreet and aesthetically pleasing setup, blending technology with the environment.

Our efforts yielded impressive results: the Wi-Fi network facilitated over 84,000 sessions, reflecting the high engagement and satisfaction of the airshow attendees. Furthermore, the data usage peaked at over 350GB during the event, underscoring the reliability and high capacity of our network infrastructure. The seamless integration of Ethernet Connect, street pole-mounted wi-fi access points, and efficient use of duct access played a critical role in delivering a connected and memorable experience for both the organisers and attendees of the Pacific Airshow.


Partnership transforming resident wi-fi experience

The City of Gold Coast’s SurfNetwork has partnered with Gigafy as part of our commitment to advancing connectivity solutions. Specialising in dark-fibre services, we have established a robust wholesale partnership with Gigafy, a leading provider of high-speed broadband services. This collaboration is focused on enhancing internet access in high-rise buildings, a segment that often faces unique connectivity challenges.

SurfNetwork’s dark-fibre network serves as the backbone for Gigafy’s broadband services, enabling them to deliver unparalleled internet speeds and reliability to high-rise residents and businesses. This partnership is not just about providing internet access; it's about transforming the way residents experience connectivity. High-speed internet is crucial for everything from streaming services and online gaming to telecommuting and virtual meetings.

For Gigafy, SurfNetwork’s reliable dark-fibre infrastructure has allowed them to expand their service offerings, ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.

SurfNetwork’s alliance with Gigafy is a shining example of how technology can be harnessed to enhance daily life and business operations in urban environments.


Fostering educational advancements: SurfNetwork's fibre swap with AARNet

The City of Gold Coast’s SurfNetwork has established a strategic fibre swap arrangement with AARNet, Australia’s national research and education network, a move that exemplifies innovation and collaboration in the realm of digital connectivity for educational and research institutions. This partnership is a testament to the power of leveraging dark fibre technology in advancing educational infrastructure.

Under this arrangement, SurfNetwork provides AARNet with access to fibre to extend AARNet connectivity into key educational and research facilities on the Gold Coast. In return, SurfNetwork utilizes AARNet's extensive fibre network in areas where its own network is not present. This symbiotic relationship ensures that both entities expand their reach and capabilities, further improving connectivity in this fast-growing city.

The collaboration has significant implications for the education sector. SurfNetwork's dark fibre, known for its high-speed and secure data transmission, is instrumental in connecting various educational institutions, enabling them to access and share vast amounts of data seamlessly. This is particularly crucial for research-intensive universities that require robust and reliable networks for data-intensive projects.

Moreover, this partnership underscores the importance of innovative solutions in addressing the digital divide in education. By pooling resources and infrastructure, SurfNetwork and AARNet are not only optimizing their networks but also ensuring that educational and research institutions have the necessary technological support to thrive in a digital era.

In conclusion, the fibre swap arrangement between SurfNetwork and AARNet is a forward-thinking initiative that significantly contributes to the enhancement of digital infrastructure in the education sector. It showcases how strategic partnerships and the use of advanced technologies like dark fibre can effectively meet the growing digital demands of education and research.

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