Digital connectivity

Better digital infrastructure can enable local government to utilise advances in technology and data analysis to better understand local areas and deliver services more effectively. Find out what we are doing to transform how we live, connect and grow.

The Digital City Program is transforming how we live, connect and grow.

The program leads smart city initiatives across the Gold Coast, with the view of being Australia's leading digital city.

We're delivering four inter-related work streams: data gathering, data transmission, data analysis and projects.

Citywide benefits of the Digital City Program include:

  • new delivery models to improve services for residents and visitors
  • enhanced operational and telecommunications networks for the City, including, the security camera network to increase public safety
  • real-time management systems to improve the liveability and sustainability of the Gold Coast
  • future-thinking, initiatives to enhance customer experience and reduce operational costs
  • telecommunications services to support the growth of the local economy
  • collection and integration of data to inform decision making
  • generation of revenue through leasing of infrastructure.