Tainan is located on the south-western coast of Taiwan facing the Taiwan Strait. Tainan is the cultural capital of Taiwan with more Buddhist and Taoist temples than any other city in Taiwan. In addition, a diversity of religions and folk customs coexist in Tainan, resulting in a vibrant and harmonised combination of cultural features. Tainan is also known for its beautiful natural landscape, cuisine and renowned agricultural and fishery products. The city has moved from its traditional manufacturing industries to become a smart city and hub for high-tech industries.

Agreement with City of Gold Coast: Sister City, 1982.

Population: The population of Tainan is approximately 1.9 million people.

Language: The official language of Tainan is Mandarin, while the city is English-friendly for tourists.

Location: Tainan is a coastal city, with the Taiwan Strait to the west. Landscapes in Tainan are generally flat, with rivers crossing through and hills stretching along the eastern side of the city.

Climate: Tainan enjoys a mild and dry climate in the winter, with December and January generally free of rain. The yearly average temperature is 24°C while the warmest months of July and August have an average temperature of 33°C. June to October is the typhoon season with most of the year's rainfall.

Distance from the Gold Coast: Approximately 12 hours by plane.

Local time: The local time of Tainan is Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) +8 which makes it only 2 hours behind the Gold Coast.

Discover Tainan

The charming culture that comes from more than 300 years of history exudes from the quaint lanes and alleys of Tainan and is what attracts visitors back time and time again. In addition to its rich culture and historical monuments, Tainan also offers exciting night markets, authentic street food, boutique stores and stunning natural attractions. Tainan is famous for its delicious must-try snacks and tasty beef soup, rice cake with dried fish and braised pork on top of aromatic steamed rice cake.

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