Broadbeach place making plan update 2022

Location: between the Gold Coast Highway and Old Burleigh Road, and from Queensland Avenue south to Elizabeth Avenue

Nearby destinations: Gold Coast Convention Centre, The Star Gold Coast and Pacific Fair Shopping Centre

The Broadbeach Core Business Precinct place making master plan was developed in consultation with the area’s business leaders and stakeholders and endorsed by Council in 2016.

Since then, several place making projects have enhanced and improved the public realm and economic status of the precinct. Significant upgrades of Oasis Shopping Centre, Pacific Fair Shopping Centre and The Star have also benefited the area.

Broadbeach was a site for the successful 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, playing a major role in showcasing the Gold Coast to the world.

However, COVID-19 has had a dramatic impact on the city and the Broadbeach precinct's economy and tourism. The Place Making Plan aims to revitalise the precinct through potential streetscape upgrades, activation and placemaking strategies.


Build on the original master plan. Continue to enhance Broadbeach as a key civic, commercial and event business centre within the city where more people choose to live, work, invest and spend time.

Developing the draft plan

A Business Leadership Workgroup has been established to create a shared vision as well as shape the principles and draft concept designs for potential upgrades.

We have gathered research including an economic baseline study, vehicle and pedestrian movements, user experience, lighting, traffic congestion, parking and accessibility of infrastructure.

The draft plan principles are to create and enhance:

  • public spaces that are safe and inclusive
  • streets that balance the needs of all users
  • civic spaces that inspire and foster cultural life
  • economic development and environmental sustainability.

These principles aim to build on the strong sense of community that already exists to create a vibrant and memorable place.

Public engagement & consultation

Public engagement and consultation on the draft plan are scheduled for September 2022 (to be confirmed).

Draft concepts

Public open spaces

Broadbeach public open spaces, such as Victoria Park, Federation Park, Broadbeach Mall and Kurrawa Park, will be reviewed to provide great amenity supporting first class recreational, cultural and social activities.

Streetscape improvements

Improve the streetscape over time to create quality pedestrian boulevards. Shared zones and laneways will be activated to encourage people of all ages to enjoy live music and public art and have an exciting choice of outdoor dining venues in a vibrant, safe and welcoming environment.

Permanent streetscape improvements may include fixed items such as public seating, lighting and street trees or temporary elements such as moveable furniture, outdoor dining and street vending. In addition, building elements may include awnings, signage and materiality to contribute to pedestrian comfort.

New activities

New activities may include extended outdoor dining opportunities, street vending, creative or cultural activities, or simply improving the pedestrian experience and encouraging people to interact and enjoy the public places.

Project timeline

Date Project stage
2021 The City identified that an update to the existing endorsed Broadbeach place making plan is needed to ensure the plan maintains relevance, is up to date with current trends and meets the needs of the precinct. 
November 2021 Business Leadership Working Group Meeting 1 was conducted with local industry representatives. The meeting included a recap of the first master plan, project outcomes, an economic baseline update from RPS, and comparison between the original data from 2015 and activities undertaken to gain insight and feedback specific to the precinct and priority areas.
March 2022 Business Leadership Working Group Meeting 2 was conducted with local industry representatives.
The meeting included analysis from Meeting 1, priority areas identified, precinct dynamics, place activation examples and ideas, data analytics from local and domestic visitation and spending, framework design intent and activation opportunities.
May 2022 Business Leadership Working Group Meeting 3 will be conducted with local industry representatives to present outcomes from Workshop 2, concept ideas for the public realm enhancements for the priority areas developed.
Mid 2022 Full community engagement will be undertaken to seek feedback on the draft design concepts and activation opportunities from residents and the wider local community.
Mid/late 2022 Community survey feedback will be collated to shape the direction of the final Broadbeach Place Making Plan, developed with short-, medium- and long-term project aspirations.
Late 2022 Place Making Plan update completed and to be presented to stakeholders and Council.

Contact details

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Phone: 07 5582 8065