Gold Coast economy

The Gold Coast is Australia's fifth largest city with one of the fastest growing economies in the country.

We are leading digital and business investment programs to establish the Gold Coast as Australia's fastest growing economy, driven by the adoption of telecommunications and cutting-edge technologies.

Economic Strategy 2022–2027

The Economic Strategy provides clear direction for how the City of Gold Coast will work with local businesses, industry groups, and other levels of government to realise these opportunities over the next five years.

Gold Coast Economic Strategy 2022–2027(PDF, 1MB)

Economic statistics

View our infographic of key economic indicators, updated yearly. Data in this snapshot are the latest available as at November 2022.

Economic statistics at a glance(PDF, 2MB)

State of the Economy 2022 Prelude

This prelude to the Gold Coast's State of Economy report is designed to address the common questions that are important to local businesses.

State of the Economy 2022 Prelude(PDF, 4MB)

State of the Economy Report 2022

The Gold Coast's State of Economy report covers an analysis of the Gold Coast economy and provides insight to the strengths, opportunities, and challenges of key industry sectors.

State of the Economy Report 2022(PDF, 5MB)

Gold Coast Manufacturing Insights

This technical research report intends to give businesses, local organisations, government stakeholders, and applied researchers an overview of the manufacturing industry on the Gold Coast and how it fits into the local economy, the economy of the state, and the national economy.

Gold Coast Manufacturing Insights 2022(PDF, 3MB)
Gold Coast Manufacturing Insights 2021(PDF, 3MB)

Gold Coast Economic Outlook May 2022

The Economic Outlook report is designed to provide a brief, non-technical overview of the Gold Coast’s economic performance including post-COVID recovery and growth compared to the state and national level economies. The report is supplemented with short-term forecasts of the macroeconomic drivers of the Gold Coast economy.

View the Gold Coast Economic Outlook May 2022(PDF, 3MB)


City economy updates

City Economy update August 2022 | City Economy update November 2022

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City of Gold Coast uses a range of sources to compile this information. Wherever possible, external data sources including Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), Queensland Treasury and Economy.Id have been used.