History & heritage

The Office of Architecture and Heritage works to bring history and heritage alive and help preserve it for future generations.

We have a unique and diverse cultural heritage. Our heritage has been shaped by Indigenous ownership, European settlement, two World Wars and new arrivals from all parts of the world.

Heritage sites include:

  • buildings
  • gardens
  • graves
  • landscapes
  • archaeological sites.

Guidelines for property owners

These easy-to-use guidelines are for property owners of both heritage listed and non-heritage listed places.

Development on local heritage sites

Development on local heritage sites is regulated by law. Places assessed as having local heritage significance are listed on the Gold Coast Local Heritage Register. They may also be listed on the Queensland Heritage Register.

Places listed on the Gold Coast Local Heritage Register are regulated under the Queensland Heritage Act 1992, the Queensland Heritage Regulation 2015 and other planning legislation. Parts of the City Plan also apply, particularly section 8.2.9 Heritage overlay code.

Refer to our Local Heritage Register page or call us on 07 5582 8875.

Some heritage listed places on the Gold Coast are of State significance. These places are also entered in the Queensland Heritage Register. Development on a Queensland heritage place must be approved by the State government.

For more information, go to the Department of Environment and Science.

Local heritage advice

We offer free advice to the community about heritage and character places and how to care for them. We can also help with development on a Queensland heritage place within the city.

Contact us on 07 5582 8875 or by email: heritage@goldcoast.qld.gov.au


Visit our Local & family histories and Gold Coast Stories webpages for information on local history. You can also visit our Local Studies Library in Southport.