Our business ethics

City of Gold Coast officers aim to achieve the highest standards of integrity and accountability when doing business, working with the community and delivering services with the same standards expected from our business clients, suppliers and service providers.

This is in line with the Queensland Government's Local Government Act 2009 and the Code of Conduct for Staff, with the view to providing the best possible business practices and community, client and supplier outcomes.

How you can help

You can help by:

  • respecting these ethical obligations
  • not pressuring City officers to overlook ethical obligations
  • avoiding collusion and unfair practices
  • disclosing likely conflicts of interest
  • maintaining confidentiality of information that is confidential
  • providing accurate information
  • helping deter unethical practices and/or fraud by promptly reporting your concerns.

Benefits and gifts

In accordance with the City's Benefits and Gifts Policy, officers must, as a general rule, refuse benefits, gifts, hospitality, travel or accommodation.

Responsible reporting

Unethical conduct or fraud is not acceptable and should be reported to our Integrity and Ethical Standards Unit in Corporate Assurance.

Further information

Please contact the Integrity and Ethical Standards Unit using one of the above methods.