Gold Coast students creating a better future

Published on 26 October 2022

Ecomarine ambassadors at Miami State School1.jpg

Gold Coast students are leading the way for a better future by finding ways to improve sustainability in their communities.

City of Gold Coast has partnered with the EcoMarines Foundation this year for the first time to encourage local students to address waste reduction, recycling contamination, water conservation, catchment and beach stewardship, and energy management.

“This exciting partnership between City of Gold Coast and the EcoMarines is giving our young people the tools they need to create positive behavioural change for themselves and future generations,” said City Water and Waste Chairperson, Councillor Gail O’Neil.

“By empowering our students to learn about these important environmental initiatives we are not only educating them, but also their households and the greater community.” 

This year’s program included a trial of eight participating schools across the Gold Coast who are tasked with initiating a student lead sustainability club.

Students are elected as ambassadors and work on a series of tailored education activities focusing on their sustainable goals.

These activities can include wrapper free days, tree planting, litter audits on school grounds and coffee cup recycling as well as containers for change recycling.

Participating Gold Coast schools include:

  1. A.B Paterson College Primary and secondary
  2. Elanora State School
  3. Miami State School
  4. Josiah College
  5. Park Lake State School
  6. St Stephens College Primary and secondary
  7. Tallebudgera State School
  8. Varsity College

For details on the program and to register interest for your school to participate in 2023 visit the Sustainable Schools page.