City launches grants program for those helping others

Published on 17 January 2024

Storm clean up post 2023 weather event

A grants program for community groups and organisations providing ongoing assistance in the aftermath of the Christmas Day storm event was launched today.

Mayor Tom Tate said the $600,000 City of Gold Coast Disaster Recovery Grant Program would help not for profit groups continue their important work for many months to come.

“There are groups out there that mobilised on day one and haven’t stopped,” Mayor Tate said.

“They have used significant resources to help Gold Coasters in their hour of need and we want to bolster their reserves so they can keep it up as communities continue to recover.

“We are all in this together and the work being undertaken by these groups is invaluable and simply saying thank you is not always enough.”

The Community Organisation Support Grant allows for grants of up to $20,000 per application for providing disaster management outcomes in their community.

The can also receive funding to restore or repair uninsured infrastructure to their facilities.

The Community Wellbeing Grant allows for up to $100,000 for organisations who provide mental health services so they can increase their capability and capacity in coming months.

“An increase in requests for psycho-social and mental health support due to anxiety, stress, uncertainty and trauma is an emerging issue,” he said.

“It is vital these services are on the ground on the Gold Coast and available for everyone who needs them.”

Mayor Tate said that individuals and businesses could apply for a range of State Government grants announced in recent weeks.

To learn more and apply for the City of Gold Coast Disaster Recovery Grant Program click here.