Mayor Tate: Preparation is the best defence

Published on 09 October 2023

Mayor Get Ready2.jpg

Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate has urged residents and business to “be prepared’’ as dry, hot and unpredictable weather conditions start to impact the city.

“Being prepared is key. Today, we launch our official Get Ready campaign with tips and hints on how, and when, to prepare your home or business for unpredictable weather events,’’ he said.

The Get Ready launch coincided with the Disaster and Emergency Management Preparedness Forum, held at the city’s new $24 million Disaster and Emergency Management Centre (DEMC).

“The Bureau of Meteorology has predicted drier than average conditions and less rainfall this year. This brings an increased risk of bush and grass fires,” Mayor Tate said.

“It’s important for residents to understand that fires don’t just happen in the western areas of our city … they can occur in grassland and impact any of our suburbs along the coast or inland.

“Smoke drift is also a threat and can impact the entire community.”

The City, in partnership with the Queensland Government, urges residents to protect family, property and pets by:

  • Knowing your risks
  • Creating a plan
  • Packing an emergency kit
  • Checking your insurance

Traditionally, severe storms and floods are common between October and April.

“Even when the weather is hotter and drier, the Gold Coast can still get severe storms and intense rain with flash flooding,” Mayor Tate said.

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