Get Ready with disaster and emergency dashboard

Published on 11 October 2021

Get Ready - Mayor Tate.jpg

 It’s time to get ready Gold Coast and prepare your family for the upcoming storm season.

The City has launched its latest Disaster and Emergency Dashboard today at the annual City of Gold Coast Disaster Management Preparedness Forum in Carrara.

The dashboard encourages the community to understand risks and take precautions to mitigate impacts caused by natural disasters that can affect the coast.

“Our new dashboard will provide the community with a trusted and centralised source of information before, during and after a natural disaster or emergency,” said Mayor Tom Tate.

We want residents to understand the risk in every situation so they can keep their families safe as we head into the storm season.”

The dashboard will display real time information from reliable sources about severe weather, warnings, flooding, bushfires and even the global health pandemic (Covid-19).

Residents can stay across impending disasters and emergencies and research issues that could affect them such as road closures, power outages and traffic signal outages.

A map of the city will provide a clear picture of any hazard or event and will detail COVID vaccination centre locations, while videos will feature to educate residents on preparedness.

“Disasters can occur anywhere, anytime and we know that the best defence in any disaster is to be prepared,” said Mayor Tate.

“Queensland is the most disaster-prone state in Australia so let’s make sure we are armed and ready in 2021-22.”

The forum brings City staff together with police and emergency service management and support agencies, ensuring a consistent approach for the community.

The forum includes updates on existing disaster plans and disaster management systems and includes a detailed update on the weather outlook.


Visit for a free disaster preparedness guide.