City of Gold Coast unveils new plans for Pizzey Park

Published on 22 May 2023

Pizzey Park_pump track_V305.jpg

The City of Gold Coast has unveiled plans for the city’s first asphalt pump track to be built at Pizzey Park in Miami.

Construction on the $1.7 million project covering an area of 4500m2 is due to begin in September and completed by early-2024.

The track will be designed to cater to bikes, scooters, skateboards, and inline skates and will accommodate all experience levels from beginners and intermediate to advanced riders.

It will feature over 2000m2 of rideable surface incorporating rollers, double jumps, berms and wall rides.

“This new and exciting addition to Pizzey Park’s amenities will enhance the existing world-class and hugely popular skate park which we opened last year,” Mayor Tom Tate said.

“The pump track will be a welcome addition for the ten thousand plus residents and visitors who use the park each week.”

Unlike BMX tracks, which have a definitive start and finish and require pedalling, the pump track is made up of a sequence of undulating rhythm sections, made into a loop.

Instead of pedalling, riders progress through the course by sustaining momentum by 'pumping' the rises and falls of the track, with highly skilled riders able to sustain momentum indefinitely.

The track design will allow for skill progression, allowing future generations to learn, gain confidence and continue developing up to an advanced level.

“With participation numbers in sports such as BMX and skateboarding rapidly rising this pump track will provide the perfect training ground for those looking towards the upcoming 2032 Brisbane Olympics,” Mayor Tate added.

There will be seating and shaded areas around the track which will make it ideal to host events.

The track is being designed by Queensland based company World Trail.

Pizzey Park covers 60 hectares making it one of the largest parks on the Gold Coast, home to 25 sporting clubs, a regional aquatic centre, a world class skate facility, the city’s largest rugby league club, and Queensland’s largest tennis facility.