Safety major focus for City Budget

Published on 23 June 2021

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Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate said the community’s call for more public safety improvements was a driving force behind the multi-million-dollar investments listed in the 2021-22 Budget.

“Our annual budget survey asked residents to respond to how important they felt a ‘safe city’ was to them. Of the 3462 who responded to the survey, 75.8 percent rated safety a high priority.

“We are responding in 2021-22 with significant investment in graffiti clean-up, better street and park lighting and more safety cameras with the latest technology.

The safety camera investment includes: smart software to support our 700 cameras and provide faster searching and review functions; and at least 20 additional cameras in the Surfers Paradise precinct by the end of this year.

The City spends more than $5 million annually on safety initiatives across the coast.

These include:

• managing and maintaining our 700-camera network 24/7;

• spending around $750,000 cleaning up graffiti;

• spending $500,000 annually to better light up our parks; and

• around $250,000 to prioritise safety design improvements across the city’s public spaces.

“We will also invest $5 million in animal management to ensure the community is safe and those with pets understand their responsibility,’’ he said.

“A further $19.7 million will be invested in emergency and disaster management to construct a new disaster management unit. This facility will provide contemporary resources aimed at improving the city’s resilience to disasters and incidents that affect the city.

“We all know that information is vital when it comes to disaster readiness, management and recovery. The new building will be able to cater for the growing city.’’

The City Budget was delivered today with a 2.5 percent rate increase (average general rate).

“This is the 10th consecutive budget that has met the ‘low rates’ target. Since being elected in 2012, I have committed to maintaining any rate increases at, or near, CPI. We have again achieved that target and I thank all councillors for their Team Gold Coast effort.’’

Full budget details are at: