Annual Plan


Welcome to the Council of the City of the Gold Coast Annual Plan for 2022–23.

The Annual Plan provides an overview of the City of Gold Coast’s budget and plans for the year ahead. The Annual Plan theme for 2022–23 is “Safe and Sustainable”, which has always been a key focus for the City and is consistent with the City Vision.

  • A safe community underpins the diverse and significant projects being delivered in the coming year
  • As the city continues to grow, improving community infrastructure and investing in roads and transport has never been more important
  • Continuing to strengthen our economy whilst protecting our unique lifestyle will help to create a more sustainable future


Annual Plan Flowchart


City Budget

The 2022–23 City Budget has been delivered with a key focus on protecting our amazing Gold Coast lifestyle through investment in frontline services and community safety.

This financial year, we will prioritise projects in waste management and recycling, expanding our green and open space, improving local road networks, public transport and beach preservation.

Like family households, the 2022–23 budget has been impacted by rising cost-of-living pressures including fuel, electricity, labour and construction material charges.

At the same time, we’ve worked hard to keep any rate increase at, or below, CPI.

Highlights from the 2022–23 budget include more investment in the city’s safety camera network as well as starting work on the $70 million Palm Beach Aquatic Centre.

Together, we look forward to working with all Gold Coasters, and our 71,000 small businesses, to deliver on the projects to ensure our city remains a great place to live, work, invest and raise a family.

Summary and highlights

Annual Plan

The Annual Plan is available for viewing as both a complete document or in sections:

Performance Plans 2022–23 – for commercialised business units
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Previous Annual Plan

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Annual Plan 2021–22(PDF, 6MB)