Annual Report

The Annual Report provides an overview of Council activities during the 2021–22 financial year. This is supported by the Corporate Plan, which outlines the outcomes we are working towards and the Operational Plan which delivers the City Vision through our programs and services.

See how we're working to achieve our City Vision: 'Inspired by lifestyle. Driven by opportunity.'

City Operational Plan 2021-22 progress at a glance

City Operational Plan 2021-22(PDF, 1MB)

The City Operational Plan 2021-22 explains what our programs and services deliver and includes performance plans for our commercialised business units – Gold Coast Water and Gold Coast Waste Management. See how we've delivered the City Vision, Corporate Plan 2021-22 and City strategies through our programs and services.

Corporate Plan 2021-22 progress at a glance

Corporate Plan 2021-22(PDF, 3MB)

Our Corporate Plan 2021-22 focused on protecting our enviable Gold Coast lifestyle and ensuring that future generations are proud to call the Gold Coast home. Review the key plans, programs and signature actions that contributed to that outcome.

Spent by domestic visitors
Increase in value of film productions
People employed in the city
Water recycled
Average residential rate rise
Domestic waste collected per household
Increase in Arts & Cuture participants
Gross regional product per capita

Download the full Annual Report:

Annual Report 2021–22(PDF, 5MB)

The report identifies progress towards achieving Our City Vision 'Inspired by lifestyle. Driven by opportunity'. It also includes details on Council's financial performance as at 30 June 2022, governance and statutory information, and provides the disclosure requirements relating to the Local Government Act 2009 and the Local Government Regulation 2012.

Previous annual reports

Annual reports for previous years are available at Gold Coast Libraries.