Gold Coast Surf Management Plan

Our Surf Management Plan was developed in 2015 and recognises the value surfing provides to our lifestyle and economy.

The Surf Management Plan seeks to balance the interests of all beach and ocean users in line with the City's Ocean Beaches Strategy – specifically that our beaches are open and inclusive and remain healthy and clean.


The vision for the Surf Management Plan is to provide world's best practice coastal management strategies to preserve and enhance the surf amenity of the Gold Coast.


The Surf Management Plan contains three key objectives:

  1. That resident and visiting surf users who share Gold Coast beaches, clearly understand local surf etiquette and surf safety customs.
  2. That management of surf amenity on Gold Coast beaches is recognised as best practice, and is informed by data collection, design and innovation.
  3. There is joint stewardship in the management of Gold Coast surf amenity.

Our role

The Surf Management Plan also outlines the role of local government in the management of Gold Coast beaches as well as summarises the legislative framework and jurisdictional boundaries that exist between Local, State and Commonwealth Governments.