Water Supply & Sewerage Infrastructure Plan

The Water Supply and Sewerage Infrastructure Plan identifies plans for trunk infrastructure that are necessary to service urban development at the desired standard of service (DSS) in a coordinated, efficient and financially-sustainable manner. Its purpose is to:

  1. integrate water supply and sewerage infrastructure planning with the land use planning identified in the planning scheme
  2. provide transparency regarding the City's intentions for the provision of water supply and sewerage trunk infrastructure
  3. enable the City to estimate the cost of future water supply and sewerage infrastructure provision to assist its long term financial planning
  4. ensure that water supply and sewerage trunk infrastructure is planned and provided in an efficient and orderly manner
  5. provide a basis for the imposition of conditions about infrastructure on development approvals.

Water and Sewage Land Use Category Demand Table

Water and sewage demand conversion rates are to be used to calculate water supply demand and sewage discharge loads for different land use categories. This data is used in network capacity assessments and detailed infrastructure planning investigations.

Download the Water and sewage demand table(PDF, 165KB)