Catchment & Citizen Science Grants Program

The caretaker period for the 2024 Local Government Elections is expected to start on 29 January 2024 and will end no earlier than 26 March 2024.

During the caretaker period community grant applications are unable to be received or considered and we encourage community organisations to plan ahead to avoid disruption to projects being undertaken between 29 January and 30 April 2024.

The grant funding for this program is to encourage community participation in on-ground actions that improve the condition of water environments across the Gold Coast.

The Catchment and Citizen Science Program allocates funding each financial year to:

  • foster community understanding about water catchment health
  • encourage community participation in activities that improve the condition of water environments across the Gold Coast.

Funding for Catchment and Citizen Science Grants is made in accordance with the Community Grants Policy. Community organisations are asked to review the Policy prior to application to ensure they meet eligibility and requirements.

Who can apply

Applicants must:

  • be a community organisation
  • operate within the Gold Coast
  • have an adequate level of public liability insurance for the project (where appropriate)
  • not be an ineligible applicant.

Ineligible applicants are defined under Council's Community Grants Policy.

Project requirements

Applicants must be able to:

  • propose a project that falls within one of the following four categories:
    • citizen science
    • landcare activities
    • environmental events
    • waterway litter clean-ups
  • demonstrate a public interest benefit for the project
  • demonstrate that the project has a defined outcome that will benefit residents of the Gold Coast
  • complete the project within 12 months of the date of remittance of funds.

Acquittal requirements

All grants provided under this program must be acquitted by 30 June in the financial year that the grant is awarded or in accordance with the funding agreement.

Any unspent or unacquitted funds must be returned to Council along with the acquittal report(PDF, 104KB)

How to apply

Applications for Catchment and Citizen Science grants are received via one round each year.

Opening date Closing date
Round 1 1 July 31 July

Applications from $500 to $30,000 are welcomed.

Please review the Community Grants Policy before applying application to ensure you meet eligibility and requirements.

Apply online via City of Gold Coast SmartyGrants. Applications open on 1 July.

Details of allocation will be published following determination of applications.

Frequently asked questions

What is a landcare activity under the Catchment & Citizen Science Program

Types of Landcare activities under the Catchment and Citizen Science Program include:

  • Riparian weed management
  • Riparian planting and rehabilitation

Note: Any person carrying out herbicide application must hold an appropriate licence.

Where can landcare activities be undertaken?

Landcare activities under the Catchment and Citizens Science Program can be undertaken on school grounds. 

What Landcare activities can be carried out in national parks, private land or Council-owned land?

Landcare activities under the Catchment and Citizens Science Program cannot be carried out in National Parks, private land or Council-owned land.

If you are interested in volunteering your time to help regenerate and improve our bushland areas, we offer opportunities to join tree planting days across the city.

Do I need licences or permits to undertake citizen science activities?

You need to obtain relevant licences and permits to undertake your activity.

Permits that you may need to consider include:

Can I apply for funding to deliver school education programs?

Funding to deliver school education programs is not provided under the Catchment and Citizens Science Program events however, the city provide a variety of school education programs as well as our Naturally GC program.

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