In-kind Community Support Program

The In-kind Community Support Program is a divisionally based program that allocates funding each financial year to allow community organisations to access non-financial support from the City.

An in-kind grant is the provision of a Council product or service to a community organisation as opposed to money.

Funding for In-kind Community Support is made in accordance with the Community Grants Policy. Community organisations are asked to review the Policy prior to application to ensure they meet eligibility and requirements.

Who can apply?

Applicants must:

  • be a community organisation
  • operate within the Gold Coast
  • have an adequate level of public liability insurance for the project (where appropriate)
  • not be an ineligible applicant.

Ineligible applicants are defined under Council's Community Grants Policy.

Project requirements

Only the following in-kind support can be provided to a community organisation by the City:

  • native tubestock (from the City Nursery)
  • photocopying (maximum 1500 pages per request); and
  • hire costs associated with Council controlled land and buildings (i.e. meeting room hire).

The value of an in-kind grant must not exceed $250.

A community organisation may submit a maximum of four in-kind grant requests per financial year.

Acquittal requirements

As the support provided to community organisations under this program is non-financial, there is no acquittal requirement.

Available funding

The value of an in-kind grant must not exceed $250.00.

Council may provide a community organisation with a maximum of four in-kind grants per financial year.

In-kind grants are subject to approval by Council, or its delegate and the value of the grant must be charged to the relevant divisional project number for in-kind grants.

How to apply

Applications for the In-kind Support Program are currently open and are accepted and assessed on an ongoing basis. Please note that funding allocated may be exhausted prior to the end of the financial year.

Requests for in-kind grants should be directed to the relevant divisional office. Contact details can be found by visiting

Contact us

Community Grants Officer