Mayor & Councillors

The Gold Coast council area is divided into 14 divisions.

Every four years local government elections are held. At these elections, voters from the Gold Coast elect the Mayor and choose a Councillor to represent their division.

Elected Councillors represent their community to advise Council on decisions that may impact their division.

To find out which division your property is in, use the map on our Divisional boundaries page to search for the property address.

Mayor Tom Tate


  • Phone: 07 5581 5283
  • Email:
  • ProfileTom Tate has been Mayor of the Gold Coast since first being elected in 2012. He was re-elected in 2016 and again in 2020.

Cr Mark Hammel

Division 1 Councillor

  • Phone: 07 5581 6754
  • Mobile: 0417 219 025
  • Email:
  • ProfileCouncillor Mark Hammel represents Division 1, which covers the suburbs of Alberton, Cedar Creek, Gilberton, Jacobs Well, Kingsholme, Luscombe, Norwell, Ormeau, Ormeau Hills, Pimpama, Southern Moreton Bay Islands, Stapylton, Steiglitz, Woongoolba and Yatala.

Cr William Owen-Jones

Division 2 Councillor

  • Phone: 07 5582 8555
  • Mobile: 0412 242 622
  • Email:
  • ProfileCouncillor William Owen-Jones serves the people of Division 2. Cr Owen-Jones was elected to the City of Gold Coast in 2012. He continues to work hard at delivering outcomes for the northern Gold Coast, supporting continued investment into community and sporting facilities and road upgrades.

Cr Donna Gates (Deputy Mayor)

Division 3 Councillor

  • Phone: 07 5581 6598
  • Mobile: 0424 778 999
  • Email:
  • ProfileCouncillor Donna Gates serves the people of Division 3 and has been the City’s Deputy Mayor since 2012. Cr Gates is an experienced representative who knows the northern Gold Coast intimately.

Cr Shelley Curtis

Division 4 Councillor

  • Phone: 07 5581 1680
  • Email:
  • ProfileShelley Curtis is a long-term Division 4 resident, born and raised in Paradise Point. Before her appointment she had served our country in the Australian Army for almost 20 years.

Cr Peter Young

Division 5 Councillor

  • Phone: 07 5582 8400
  • Email:
  • ProfileCouncillor Peter Young serves the people of Division 5. He is driven to deliver projects and outcomes that benefit local communities and the future of the city, and to protect our way of life.

Cr Brooke Patterson

Division 6 Councillor

  • Phone: 07 5581 6280
  • Email:
  • ProfileCr Brooke Patterson GAICD was elected to Council in 2020 after an international career in financial services and decades of community service. Representing Southport, Benowa, Bundall, Chirn Park and Ashmore, her priorities include enhancing the CBD, greening the city, raising public safety, ensuring utmost transparency, and bettering our roads, parks and footpaths.

Cr Robert La Castra

Division 8 Councillor

  • Phone: 07 5582 8206
  • Mobile: 0414 180 008
  • Email:
  • ProfileCouncillor Bob La Castra represents Division 8. Cr La Castra was elected to the City of Gold Coast in 1997. With a long history in the arts and entertainment, and as a former board member of Destination Gold Coast, he Chairs the Economy, Tourism and Events Committee.

Cr Glenn Tozer

Division 9 Councillor

  • Phone: 07 5581 1883
  • Mobile: 0419 558 685
  • Email:
  • ProfileCouncillor Glenn Tozer serves the people of Division 9. Cr Tozer was elected to the City of Gold Coast in 2012. He was re-elected to office in 2016 and again in 2020, and is currently appointed to the Lifestyle and Community Committee, the Water, Waste and Energy Committee, and as Deputy Chairperson of the Economy, Tourism and Events Committee.

Cr Darren Taylor

Division 10 Councillor

  • Phone: 07 5581 6171
  • Mobile: 0416 599 374
  • Email:
  • ProfileCouncillor Darren Taylor serves the people of Division 10. He is committed to building the economic fortunes and business confidence of our beautiful city. Cr Taylor was elected to the City of Gold Coast in 2020. Cr Taylor’s office is in Bundall.

Cr Hermann Vorster

Division 11 Councillor

  • Phone: 07 5581 7282
  • Mobile: 0405 414 931
  • Email:
  • ProfileCouncillor Hermann Vorster was elected to the Council of the City of Gold Coast in 2016. He serves the communities of Robina, Varsity Lakes and part of Burleigh Waters.

Cr Pauline Young

Division 12 Councillor

  • Phone: 07 5581 6382
  • Mobile: 0475 677 181
  • Email:
  • ProfileCouncillor Pauline Young serves the people of Division 12. She is committed to preserving what’s important to locals, protecting our natural assets whilst ensuring that future generations will have sufficient resources to accommodate the lifestyle we enjoy.

Cr Daphne McDonald

Division 13 Councillor

  • Phone: 07 5581 6228
  • Email:
  • ProfileCouncillor Daphne McDonald serves the people of Division 13. Cr McDonald was elected to the City of Gold Coast in 1991, served as Deputy Mayor from 2007 to 2012, and has represented the southern Gold Coast for the past 32 years.

Cr Gail O'Neill

Division 14 Councillor

  • Phone: 07 5581 5275
  • Mobile: 0438 810 023
  • Email:
  • ProfileCouncillor Gail O'Neill serves the residents of Division 14. She is a strong and experienced representative who understands the importance of the preservation of our beaches and hinterland, whilst striking a balance with good, sustainable development and economic stability for local business.