How to access Council information

Applications for documents which contain personal information

The Information Privacy Act 2009 ('the Act') provides the framework for how the City handles your personal information. This includes the requirement that the City gives you a document containing your own personal information if you ask for it.

The City may release your personal information to other parties under certain circumstances. Those circumstances include where the release of the information is:

  • for law enforcement
  • authorised or required under a law
  • required by a subpoena or a summons
  • the result of a valid Evidence Act application, or
  • the result of a valid Notice of Non-Party Disclosure application.

You can find more information about each situation below. If you have any questions please call the City's Legal Information unit on 07 5581 6887 or email

Right to information

The Right to Information Act 2009 (RTI Act) aims to make more government information available to all sectors of the community.

For more information visit Right to information.

Disclosure Log

The Disclosure Log contains details of documents released by Council following a decision pursuant to the Right to Information Act 2009, including how to access these documents. To download and view these documents go to our Disclosure Log page.

Information privacy

The Information Privacy Act 2009 (IP Act) complements The RTI Act. It establishes a right to access and to amend personal information.

The IP Act sets out the ways in which the City and all other Queensland government agencies manage your personal information. You can view or request copies of your personal information. You can also apply for the amendment of these documents if the information is inaccurate or out of date:

To apply visit Information privacy.

Find out more about how the City manages personal information by viewing our Privacy Notice.

Need to know more about Right to Information or Information Privacy laws?

Further information is available from the Queensland Office of the Information Commissioner.

Law enforcement

The City has a standard form for law enforcement requests which will guide you in providing all the details the City needs to process the request.

If you require a copy of the form, please send an email from a recognised law enforcement email domain address to or call Legal Information on 07 5581 6887.

Release of information authorised or required by law

If you are an officer of a government agency and you operate under a law which authorises or requires the release of documents containing personal information, please complete the Government agency access for City of Gold Coast information form for your request.

To obtain a copy of the form, please email or call Legal Information on 07 5581 6887.

Subpoena or summons

A subpoena is a document issued by a court in civil proceedings, that says someone must appear in court or give certain documents to the court.

A summons is a court document used in criminal proceedings that instructs a person to give evidence or produce a document to the court.

If you have correctly served a subpoena or a summons on the City, the documents will be provided to the court by the City Solicitor.

Evidence Act applications

If you are a party to civil proceedings, you may wish to apply under section 134A of the Evidence Act 1977 to inspect documents which are relevant to an issue in the proceedings. The City has a standard form for Evidence Act applications which will guide you in providing all the details the City needs to process your request.

The City covers its costs by charging a fee for copies of documents provided, in addition to a standard fee for each application.

It is recommended that you call 07 5581 6887 for advice before completing the Evidence Act application form.

Request for information under s134A Evidence Act 1977(PDF, 218KB)

Notice of non-party disclosure

If you are involved in civil proceedings, you may issue a 'Notice of non-party disclosure' to someone who is not involved in the proceedings.

If you have correctly issued a Notice of Non-party Disclosure to the City, you will receive a response from the City Solicitor.