Publication Scheme

Our Publication Scheme lists information which you can obtain from the City of Gold Coast. The information is organised into seven groups.

About us

Who we are and what we do.

Our services

Information about the services we deliver, including advice and guidance, publications, newsletters and media releases.

Our finances

What we spend and how we spend it, including our financial statements and financial management practices.

Our priorities

Council's priorities and how well we are meeting those priorities.

Our decisions

The outcomes of decision-making processes.

Our policies

Policy and policy-related documents.

Our lists & registers

Information that is held in a register required by law or another list or register relating to the functions of Council.

You can ask for more information about our publications and public registers by contacting us.

Some of Council's public registers that are available online or are open to public inspection include:

Enquiries & complaints about the Publication Scheme

Your comments are highly valued and any feedback you provide will be used to make improvements to the Publication Scheme.

Any comments, compliments or complaints can be posted or submitted using our online feedback form. Once received, these will be directed to the appropriate person for action.

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