Gold Coast Council's brands

Just as the role of local government in South East Queensland has moved with the times, so too has the way Gold Coast City Council has identified itself.

The Crest

Council Crest

The design of Council's crest had its origins in the latter part of the Town of Southport local government era (1902-1949). It was designed by the President of the Southport Chamber of Commerce, Arthur Nicholls, in the mid 1930s as part of a Council competition for a formal crest.

The original crest, also known as the city's Coat of Arms, incorporated typical features of the Gold Coast:

  • a shield containing images of a pelican
  • a lifesavers' surf reel
  • the old Council Chambers in Nerang Street flanked by the 'golden road to prosperity'
  • dolphins.

Above the shield was a crown, ringed with a 'rising sun' effect. The motto within the scroll 'Prope Flumen et Oceanum' meant 'Near River and Ocean', although it was often interpreted colloquially as 'Where Rivers and Oceans Meet'.

The City Crest has undergone some changes over the years. There was a major redesign following the amalgamation of Gold Coast and Albert Shire Councils in 1995. This resulted in the current crest (pictured). Today the motto reads 'Terra Fluminum et Oceani', meaning 'Land of Rivers and Ocean'.

The crest is still in use today for official ceremonial requirements. These include the Council seal and the Mayoral chain of office, street signs and some elements of Council's local law functions.

Use of the Council crest remained the city's sole symbol until 1987, when Mayor Denis Pie strongly supported the push by the Public Relations branch for a new Council insignia.

'GCCC' Logo

Gold Coast City Council's blue and gold logo was designed by Bryce Design of Brisbane, and adopted by Council in March 1987.


Gold Coast City Council logo


The symbol was based on the monogram of the letters 'GCCC' linked in a continuous format, which built up an image of the blue sky and sea, set against the city's famous apartment tower blocks with the hills of the hinterland behind. The wave pattern was a dominant element in the simple design device.

This logo remained in place, with minor variations, until 2013 when the current City of Gold Coast brand was launched.

City Brand

A new brand for the Gold Coast was launched in February 2013.

It's the Gold Coast. Full Stop.


City of Gold Coast Logo


The new city brand was implemented in the lead up to the 2018 Commonwealth Games to enhance the city's image on a global scale, and maximise brand equity and investment.

Using the brand – Council

To increase impact and take a truly integrated approach to branding, Council of the City of Gold Coast will sit under the new brand as City of Gold Coast.

Council shares the values of its community and will take on its visual identity to tell a holistic story. Council's new vision 'Inspired by lifestyle. Driven by opportunity' is characterised by the new brand, as well as its key themes: people, place, prosperity. These are the drivers that motivate Council's goal-setting and decision-making. They are the measures by which Council's priorities are tested, and the measures that drive priorities, funding and projects.

The brand filters down to inform Council's operations; where the values of the Gold Coast help determine the future of the Gold Coast.

Connecting the city's vision with its brand provides an opportunity to make a unified statement towards our future. It provides a solid platform from which to progress, and will unite the Gold Coast like never before.