Gold Coast invests in our ‘green city’ in budget

Published on 07 June 2024

Greenheart render

The 2024-25 City Budget will invest a record $294 million to protect and enhance our environment, as one of Australia's most biodiverse cities.

Funding of conservation and environmental initiatives as well as investing in the maintenance and improvement of our parks, natural areas and open spaces reflects our strong commitment to our natural environment.

“We know Gold Coasters love to be out in the open air, and value our extensive green spaces and natural attractions,’’ said Mayor Tom Tate.

“In 2024-25, we will continue to invest in on our waterways, lakes, coastal areas and our world-famous beaches.

“We work with community groups and volunteers who work tirelessly to care for our flora and fauna. This budget supports our 758km of bush trails and 171km of navigable waterways.

“This budget also provides for further land acquisitions including wildlife corridors and parks as we head towards our target of 51 percent native vegetation cover.

Since June 2021, the City has successfully acquired five highly strategic properties at a cost of $13.3 million, resulting in a total of 160.5 hectares of existing and restorable native vegetation in the city.

Mayor Tate said the City will continue to explore opportunities to add to our green and open spaces, with wildlife preservation being top of mind.


  • Parks, natural areas and recreation - $207 million
  • Beaches and waterways - $39 million
  • Natural environment conservation - $30 million
  • Strategic land use and urban planning - $15 million
  • Koala habitat land acquisition - $15 million
  • Strategic land acquisition - $15 million
  • Natural Areas Land Acquisition - $5 million
  • Greenheart Stage 1 - $13 million

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