Graffiti removal program cleans up the Gold Coast

Published on 08 July 2024

Mayor and artist Zowie Baumgart pic1.JPG

The City’s Artbox program has expanded to a further 23 locations across the Gold Coast to help wipe out graffiti.

Artbox is an initiative that was introduced by the City to reduce graffiti on traffic signal boxes in high visibility areas while beautifying neighbourhoods and supporting local artists.

Mayor Tom Tate said City expenditure on graffiti removal for 2023-24 was approximately $700,000, with City officers removing close to 7000 incidents.

“Graffiti has a negative impact on the community, decreasing actual and perceived safety in our neighbourhoods, as well as costing the City a substantial amount of money,” said Mayor Tom Tate.

“The unique artwork that we see on our traffic signal boxes helps prevent graffiti in highly visible areas by taking away a blank canvas for vandals and in turn reducing the need for removal costs.

“This is a hugely popular incentive for local artists and gives them a platform to show their creativity while contributing to a clean and safe community.”

There are now over 190 artworks installed on traffic signal boxes which were often a target for vandals given their visible locations at major intersections.

The City invested $23,000 into this phase of Artbox, costing approximately $1000 per traffic signal box.

Next year, the Artbox initiative will include the Helensvale pedestrian underpass thanks to a $350,000 public arts grant through the Federal Government’s Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program.

The City will go out to tender later this year to appoint an artist for the Helensvale pedestrian underpass safety project, which also includes the installation of other safety strategies in the space.

Artbox is a program used in collaboration with other City-led initiatives to reduce and remove graffiti from public assets and structures.

“Other important measures include promptly removing graffiti to reduce recognition vandals hope to achieve, which is why it’s important to report graffiti straight away,” Mayor Tate added.

Graffiti can be reported via the City App, City website, or the Graffiti Hotline on 07 5667 5974.

Free graffiti removal kits are available for residents and businesses to remove small amounts of graffiti from their property.

Artbox is delivered as part of the City’s 2027 Community Safety Program, helping create spaces that are safe, clean, and free from graffiti.