Annual Plan

Our Annual Plan provides an overview of the City's budget and operational plans for the year ahead, and gives a comprehensive view of priorities, expenditure and levels of rates, fees and charges.

  1. City Budget

    A balanced budget with a sustainable long-term financial outlook.

  2. City Operational Plan

    Implementing initiatives which support the delivery of the Council Plan 2022–2027.

  3. Annual Performance Plans

    Annual Performance Plans of Gold Coast Water and Gold Coast Waste Management.

The Annual Plan theme for 2024–25 is 'Continuing to protect our lifestyle' which supports the implementation of the City Vision, 'Inspired by lifestyle. Driven by opportunity', and Gold Coast 2032.

Gold Coast 2032 themes
Mayor Tom Tate
The Gold Coast has rightly earned a reputation as a fantastic place to live, work, invest and retire.

With record population growth underpinned by a dynamic economy, the city continues to attract new residents and new investment opportunities from across the globe.

At the heart of our city’s pulse is the incredible lifestyle we all enjoy: idyllic weather, world-heritage listed natural attractions and superb community facilities.

Tom Tate BE (UNSW)

CEO Tim Baker
We are a city that is immensely proud of our lifestyle, liveability and opportunity.

The City Administration’s ongoing commitment to protecting and enhancing the Gold Coast way of life is reflected in the key initiatives in the Annual Plan 2024-25.

Our investment in the areas of flood mitigation, conservation and environment, and land acquisition will ensure our city and its natural assets are protected for generations to come.

Tim Baker
Chief Executive Officer

The Annual Plan is available for viewing as both a complete document or in sections:

Progress against the City Operational Plan is reviewed and published on a quarterly basis. To see how we're tracking, view the City Operational Plan – Progress Report.

City Budget

The 2024–25 City Budget was adopted by Council on 7 June, delivering a value-for-money budget for all, investing in key projects and services to support our city's lifestyle.

The $2.5 billion City Budget is developed in alignment with the Council Plan 2022–2027, Annual City Operational Plan and Long-term Financial Plan.

For more information visit our City Budget page.