City Freight Plan 2018-2028

The City Freight Plan aims to improve the efficiency, safety and sustainability of freight movements in, out and around the city.

Our population, tourism and industrial growth are dependent on the freight sector's continued ability to transport essential goods and services throughout the Gold Coast. Freight across the city occurs in many different forms including the delivery of goods (e.g. fresh fruit and vegetables, building materials, manufactured goods, fuel) and the provision of services (e.g. linen laundering and waste removal).

The increased congestion on Gold Coast roads without proper planning will impact our economy and productivity. The receivers of freight and the transport industry rely on good levels of road access and reliability. They are therefore greatly disadvantaged by traffic congestion.

The City, working in partnership with the freight sector and other stakeholders, will ensure the effective long-term management of the freight network. We have developed the Gold Coast City Freight Plan 2018–2028 to improve the efficiency, safety and sustainability of freight movements into, out of and around the Gold Coast.

City freight initiatives will be achieved through 3 targeted priority areas:

  1. Planning to build the future – influencing land use and development planning so the impact of freight related trips on city roads is managed.
  2. Optimising our freight network – improving the operation of the city's freight network to reduce delays and logistic costs supporting smart freight; influencing road behaviour to ensure the long-term sustainability of the freight network.
  3. Supporting smart freight – partnering with the Gold Coast freight industry to generate cooperation and efficiencies.