Public Transport Plan 2018-2028

The Gold Coast Public Transport Plan 2018–2028 recognises the important role that public transport has in shaping the city's future transport network. The Plan identifies priority actions over the next 10 years to encourage more people to catch public transport more often. The Plan acknowledges the City's role in partnering and supporting the Queensland Government to improve the public transport network.

The plan establishes 5 priority areas:

  1. Extending the G:Link light rail across the city.
  2. Developing a public transport network that provides fast, frequent and reliable services to optimise the coverage of public transport across the city.
  3. Connecting and coordinating the heavy rail, light rail and bus network.
  4. Making public transport inclusive and equitable for all.
  5. Providing facilities and information that make public transport easy to access, use and understand.

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