Road Network Plan 2018-2028

The Road Network Plan supports the safe and efficient movement of people and goods including the development of a road classification system. The plan recognises the need to work in partnership with the Queensland State Government for the management of the road network and delivery of new projects.

By 2031, the City of Gold Coast will have integrated, accessible transport networks that connect people and places.

The City is continuing its major road works program to make sure our road network accommodates an increasing number of users now and into the future. Special emphasis has been placed on meeting the demands of our city's high growth areas. Our Road Network Plan 2018–2028 provides the framework to deliver this for the city.

We are investing heavily in a range of major road upgrades and improvements, examples of which can be found on our Projects and works page.

The City remains focused on reducing traffic congestion and delivering more healthy and environmentally-friendly transport options for residents and visitors. Maintenance of existing road assets is also essential to ensure they remain at a high standard. Traffic accident black spots and areas where traffic flows can be enhanced will continue to be identified and improved.

The plan establishes 4 priority areas:

  1. Preparing a targeted pinch-point strategy to reduce delays, manage congestion and improve safety while maintaining reliable travel times during peak periods.
  2. Maintaining a major road upgrade program to keep major traffic arterials flowing.
  3. Optimising the transport network by implementing intelligent transport systems technology to provide network reliability and resilience and ensuring the right transport modes are in the right places.
  4. Undertaking a one-network approach to planning, managing and delivering the City-controlled road upgrades.