Water Netserv Plan (Part A)

Important information

The Water Supply and Sewerage Infrastructure Plan 2019 is now incorporated into the Local Government Infrastructure Plan (LGIP). For the full list of LGIP supporting (extrinsic) materials, visit Infrastructure planning.

The Water Netserv Plan (Part A) outlines the City's plans:

  1. To provide strategic planning for the operation of the City's water business.
  2. To provide planning for the delivery of infrastructure for supplying the City's water and sewerage services for at least 20 years.
  3. To ensure the provision of safe, reliable and secure water and sewerage services by the City.
  4. To integrate land use planning and planning for infrastructure for the City's water and sewerage services.
  5. To provide for the management of the City's water and sewerage services in a way that seeks to achieve ecological sustainability.

View our Water and Sewerage Connections Policy and Procedure.