Management of Trees on Council Controlled Land Policy

Trees are major contributors to a sustainable and liveable city. They add natural beauty, functionality, and resilience into urban and rural areas.

Our public streets, parks and open space areas are home to around 800,000 trees and associated vegetation.

Our priorities for managing trees on public land include:

  • ensuring public safety
  • preserving and protecting trees, and
  • increasing tree canopy cover across the city.

This policy explains how we will deliver on these and other priorities through 7 key areas:

  1. Tree protection
  2. Tree planting and selection
  3. Tree care and management
  4. Tree removal process and authorisation
  5. Tree removal
  6. Salvaging valuable timber
  7. Encroachment of permeable space.

We make every effort to maintain, manage, and protect existing trees and woody vegetation. Tree removal is a last resort.

If you notice a tree on public land that is dead, diseased, fallen or in need of maintenance, please report it to us. Visit Report a problem – Trees, plants & vegetation.