Procurement Policy & Contract Manual

The objective of this policy is to ensure value for money, probity and accountability of the City's procurement outcomes. City of Gold Coast conducts all procurement and contracting activities in accordance with the Strategic Contracting Procedures approved by Council (Council Resolution GA16.0607.017). This is a legislative obligation of [chapter 6 part 2] of the Local Government Regulation 2012. All City officers must comply with the requirements of the Contract Manual (Attachment A of the policy).

Strategic Contracting Procedures allow the City to take a strategic approach to procurement and contracting activities by identifying potential opportunities whilst managing adverse risks. The Procedures support Council to formulate a portfolio of procurement and contracting activities for at least a financial year. The Procedures consider the strategic implications of each activity and both support and align with the strategic direction of the City's Corporate Plan.

Last updated: 6 December 2022