Gold Coast City Transport Strategy 2031

Released in 2013, the Gold Coast City Transport Strategy is guiding the city's transport system to 2031, creating a smart, connected and liveable city under a one network approach.

The Transport Strategy is a city-changing initiative that will create a world-class transport system and put the City of Gold Coast on the map.

A balanced transport system is the key to a positive transport future. We aim to manage road space better, eliminate bottle necks, invest in cycling and walking, extend the light rail network, improve bus services and extend the capacity of the heavy railway.

The City of Gold Coast has recently undertaken a review of the Transport Strategy to ensure we are on track with delivering our 2031 transport commitments and best placed to adapt to emerging technologies and trends.

This mid-life review, with input from across our organisation as well as key industry and government stakeholders, has shown that we are on track with delivering our 2031 transport commitments and are adapting well to changes in the transport landscape by considering emerging technologies. We have achieved much in the last five years, and are well prepared to deliver even more in the next five years.

Read more about transport and the Gold Coast, achievements so far, how we are responding to the changing transport landscape and managing congestion in the city in the Mid-life review summary.

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