Gold Coast Water Strategy 2019–2024

The Water Strategy vision is to ensure best-practice management of the Gold Coast's natural resources for a sustainable future.

Council has endorsed the latest addition to our strategic agenda, the Gold Coast Water Strategy, to guide the sustainable management of our water resources and environments.

The strategy outlines key actions for the first five years (Phase 1) of our 20 year aspiration to become a water sensitive city. In short, we want to be a city where people want to work and live long term - a liveable city, as well as a resilient, sustainable and productive city.

To achieve that aspiration we need to respond to the challenges facing cities of today including increased urbanisation, periodic floods and droughts and changing government policy.

The strategy's vision is to ensure best-practice management of our natural resources for a sustainable future and as such, it has been developed in partnership with Cooperative Research Centre for Water Sensitive Cities and will apply the Water Sensitive Cities Index of 34 indicators to track our progress towards a water sensitive city In all, the strategy outlines more than 30 actions across the following four strategic outcomes:

Our healthy waters

People inspecting a waterway

Our environment, prosperity and unique Gold Coast lifestyle are dependent upon our healthy and connected water environments.

From the hinterland to the ocean, healthy water environments support thriving habitats for native species, recreation and shading and carry out vital floodplain functions.

Innovative water solutions

Innovative water solutions

Our water solutions and strategies value natural resources and deliver innovative, efficient water-related services and outcomes that benefit the community and the environment.

Water inspired design

Night view of the Gold Coast Canals

The Gold Coast is a well-designed and prosperous city inspired by water.

We create beautiful, connected spaces while respecting the dynamic nature of water to ensure a safe, resilient and sustainable city.

Partnerships with water

Indigenous people in traditional dress

Water extends across natural, societal and political boundaries, making it complex to manage.

By working together, we carefully manage and protect our water resources and environments for current and future generations.