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The Gold Coast is globally renowned for its stunning natural environment, connection to nature and an outdoor lifestyle envied the world over.

From the lush hinterland to endless waterways, golden beaches and stunning habitat, the Gold Coast truly is a place of natural beauty. And it's up to all of us, to play our part in protecting Our Natural City.

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Our Natural City Strategy 2032 has been co-created with partner sectors and the community to make sure we have the right actions in place to protect our incredible city.

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Over the next decade, the City of Gold Coast is focused on delivering projects that restore our environment, and protect our precious wildlife and their habitat. We will be providing more experiences for people to enjoy nature, including:

  • working towards our target of 51% native vegetation cover
  • purchasing land to secure strategic habitat and connect critical nature corridors
  • designing city growth to protect our natural environment, and
  • understanding and responding to climate impacts for land and water environments.

As one of Australia's most biodiverse cities, we need to protect our spectacular ecosystems - home to over 3000 native animal species and around 2500 native plant species, ancient forests and our precious koala populations. This will require ongoing partnerships between government, businesses, research institutions, land owners and the community across the entire Gold Coast to protect and enhance our natural city.

"Our incredible natural beauty and breath-taking environment are what makes our city uniquely Gold Coast. So, let's all stand up and do our part to keep our city as one of the most beautiful places on earth."

Mayor Tom Tate

Council Plan alignment and outcomes

Our Natural City Strategy 2032 is a direct deliverable of two of the Council Plan's themes: 'Naturally Unique' and 'Connected Community.'


Our city values its natural environment, that gives us a lifestyle like no other.


Our city is accessible, connected and convenient, supporting our lifestyle.

To emphasise how important this strategy is, a community survey^ revealed that out of the six Council Plan themes, protecting our 'Naturally unique' city was the number one priority.

The table below outlines the Our Natural City Strategy 2032 themes of 'Explore and discover', 'Protect and enhance' and 'Connect and partner', that will guide the outcomes, measures and actions over the next decade and beyond. Our strategic intent is to make sure our city continues to value its natural environment that gives us lifestyle like no other.

Find out more about the key themes of the strategy:


We have beaches, parklands, waterways and natural places that are accessible and enjoyed by everyone.*

We have diverse nature experiences and a thriving nature-based industry.

We understand and value our natural environment.

  • Accessible outdoor environments.*
  • Value of nature-based experiences.
  • Public understanding of the Gold Coast natural environment.

We have a healthy and connected natural environment network.*

We design our city growth to protect our natural environment.*

Our ecosystems are resilient to the impacts of climate change.

Our natural environment is thriving and biodiverse.

  • Connected and restored critical nature corridors.*
  • 51% native vegetation cover.*
  • Increased permanent protection of land in strategic areas.

We all contribute to conserving, restoring and enhancing our natural environment.

We will collaborate with, and learn from Traditional Owners, Custodians, First Nations people and the wider community to care for Country.

  • Collaborative partnership efforts contributing to outcomes.
  • Collaborative initiatives undertaken with partners contributing to caring for Country.
* Council Plan 2022-2027 outcomes and measures of success
^ The Council Plan 2020-2027 community survey

This strategy is a key component of our Council Plan and will help us deliver our measures of success.

Last updated: 30 October 2023

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