Music Merch Collab Program

Music Merch Collab Program

Delivered in 2023 and 2022, the Music Merch Collab Program supported Gold Coast bands/musicians to partner with visual artists to design and develop high quality, local and authentic music merchandise for retail sale.

The Music Merch Collab program was conceived as an initiative of the City’s Music Action Plan 2021.

The Music Merch Collab Program aimed to:

  • help merchandise distribution outcomes for Gold Coast musicians while touring recovered from the impacts of COVID-19
  • provide potential economic benefit to the local music scene and income for visual artists
  • reward loyal fans and test brand concepts in the online, e-commerce world
  • deliver a music merchandise platform for local bands and musicians to capitalise upon with return of touring opportunities.

In addition to the grants available through this program, City of Gold Coast supported successful applicants with social media cross-marketing (upon request) to help drive traffic to participating online music merchandise platforms.

We invested over $160,000 into the development of merchandise for the local bands and musicians.

Previous programs

Past participants from the Music Merch Collab Program 2023

Musician Artist
Ken Dustin Vonthread
Outrage Adam Smith
Buckled Peter Bennett
The Drunken Midnight Choir Erin Larmor
Shani Forrester and the Moon Ship Irene Messia
Entrapment Aaron Hayes
Mark Easton Cordell Hamilton
Heavy Wax Dave Marini
Kate Leopold Rachael Nunney
WHARVES Barry Patenaude
daste. Sam Kenneally
Amela Duheric Emma Van Zaane

Past participants from the Music Merch Collab Program 2022

Musician Artist
Eimhin Healy Daniel Papantoniou
Koolz Michelle Le Paterier
Eleea Emily Lamburd
Clovo Isaac Hough
Danielle Teveluwe Emma van Zaane
Rae Leigh Beau Worsley
Blindside Adam Smith
Maddie Cail Corrinne Thorne
Life is a Myth Gaudion
Akuandub Marina Prates Mendes
Vallies Barry Patenaude
Johan Danno Ellery Burgett
Harry Hart Dave Marini
Mel Lukin Gus Marmitt
Fletcher Babb Claudio Kirac
Lemaire Kenneth Best
Chutney Bianca Taylor-Andrews
Sunday Sesh Stephen Tierman
Ok Matt Collins Rebecca Cunningham