Register of Interests

In accordance with Part 5 of the Local Government Regulation 2012, Councillors are required to maintain a Register of Interests.

A Register of Interests consists of the forms provided by the responsible Queensland Government department and must contain financial and non-financial particulars.

Councillor Register of Interests
Mayor Tom Tate Register of interests(PDF, 739KB)
Division 1
Councillor Mark Hammel
Register of interests(PDF, 320KB)
Division 2
Councillor William Owen-Jones
Division 3
Councillor Donna Gates
Register of interests(PDF, 109KB)
Division 4
Councillor Shelley Curtis
Register of interests(PDF, 350KB)
Division 5
Councillor Peter Young
Register of interests(PDF, 444KB)
Division 6
Councillor Brooke Patterson
Register of interests(PDF, 365KB)
Division 7
Councillor Ryan Bayldon-Lumsden
Division 8
Councillor Robert La Castra
Register of interests(PDF, 458KB)
Division 9
Councillor Glenn Tozer
Register of interests(PDF, 338KB)
Division 10
Councillor Darren Taylor
Register of interests(PDF, 496KB)
Division 11
Councillor Hermann Vorster
Division 12
Councillor Pauline Young
Division 13
Councillor Daphne McDonald
Division 14
Councillor Gail O'Neil
Register of interests(PDF, 351KB)